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should i move?

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Re: should i move?

I'll say go for it. Things are going to get better especially for hotel industry.

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Re: should i move?

@GApeachy wrote:

Gotcha, well it will come in time.  Just enjoy what you have, you work for a home, enjoy your home.  Hammer down on those collections, all you can do is all you can do.  You gotta provide, relax, and enjoy that daughter of yours.  You'll look back and be very glad you did.  Stick hard to a budget and you'll sleep at night.  You deserve and your dear daughter deserves this next step.

Once you get to where you can app for a card, look to the rebuild section and cc section and ask a hundred million questions before you do.  These peeps will help you to the best of their ability.  All it takes is one positive little step to start, and I'm sure you know all that but lots of ppl here to be a sounding board.

Anyway, have fun setting up your new home!

Renting does provide a renter with variations of space and comfort.  Before you rent make sure that you have enough to pay the rest of the year which takes a long time and is quite hard to do but to give yourself a break, inquire if the rent can be paid two months ahead and the rest of the 10 month period of rent be prorated.  In this modified scenario, this will provide you with $17280 - 2880 = 14400/12= $1200.  This will lower the rent amount over the course of 12 month or whatever the amount of time agreed upon in the lease.  The other thing is see if there is a special on the rent such as one month free and instead of taking the one month free, ask to prorate the rest of the rent over the 12 month period.  Two months is better but that is not always in the offering.  As with any thing that can be negotiated, do your homework and make sure that keep up with utilities as well, so as not to undo your budget constraints while you pay off your debts and get back on track with your savings goals.  

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Re: should i move?

I also depends on how much savings you have for the Rainy Day. Some times it is not just how much we make. How much money is in the savings and how many days can it hold off in case if things go south for reason.

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Re: should i move?

@rebuilding88     Since you already went for it Congratulations Smiley Very Happy     Now you can work on adding to your savings and fixing your Credit issues/concerns.     Not sure what the minimum age for a job is in your location but 15 may be old enough to get a small job to help out too to help her learn money management and put her on the right track for when she gets her first card etc.   Smiley Happy     Just side note and food for thought Smiley Very Happy

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Re: should i move?

@Brian_Earl_Spilner wrote:

Yes. Your teenage daughter needs her own space.

This is HUGE. You have no idea how huge. I've seen the effect of kids not having a space and it's not optimal, to say the very least. 

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