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100 new Discover It card designs

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Re: 100 new Discover It card designs

@pipeguy wrote:

@Dinosaur wrote:

@pipeguy wrote:

@Schwartzinator wrote:

Yep. I also see over 100 designs available for the It card, but all I really asked for was a simple all Black design.

Discover used to offer this, I had one many years ago.






Nice pipeguy ... you were one of those beloved elite that got the sacred Discover Black "Premium Plus" Credit Card and had primo standing!!! 'Some of us got it and some don't' ... Smiley Sad

  • No pre-set spending limit
  • 24/7 live customer service with a team that caters to Premium Plus cardholders
  • 24/7 MyConcierge service
  • Access to over 350 airline lounges
  • MyConcierge Plus (Access to VIP events and special experiences. For example, special seating at events like the Kentucky Derby, sailing events on Lake Michigan and “meet the chef” tours) and also regular Concierge services (e.g booking restaurants)
  • Enhancements to existing benefits, for example roadside assistant costs $49.95 instead of $69.95
  • All for spending more than $40,000 within a card member year on your existing Discover it/More card.



Really? I don't remember any of that, just that it had a $10k CL and I don't remember using it that much because Discover was not as universally accepted in the 1990s as it is today. I was also big on AmEx Platinum and Optima Platinum at the time because I was doing a ton of travel domestically and 4 to 6 times a year to Europe and at that time an AmEx Platinum (AF $300) was actually a pretty unique card and I used the benefits a lot with an annual spend of $150k to $200k per year.


Unless you are pulling my leg, I had no idea the Discover "black card" was considered "elite". 

Hey pipeguy, Discover actually had the card I wrote up (wrong time frame and era for Discover). Now that you gave me the time frame you had the card, the light bulb went on (that took a lot of juice) and I remember the Discover Black Card you remember. In fact, I had it too and totally forgot about it until you wrote it up! Sorry ... I jumped ahead in time and got so excited I 'almost wet my pants'. Glad you followed back ... now I remember the earlier card version you are highlighting Smiley Embarassed

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Re: 100 new Discover It card designs

No worries....never thought I was "elite" anyway - that is actually a scan of my "black card" I still have it in the old "archives" drawer, more for the design (color) more than anything else. Since I'll be moving in 6 months, I'm sure I'll find a whole lot of useless dribble that 32 years in the same house holds that we have kept for no good reason Smiley Surprised.  

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Re: 100 new Discover It card designs

@plaidington wrote:

I currently have the mixtape - which I love - but I just ordered this beauty yesterday!


That's exactly what I did and opted for.  I had the Mix Tape for ages and I still love it, but when I saw the "Dawn of Discover", it just took me back to being a kid and seeing the first Discover card commercials on TV.  I just got the card in the mail today and it's perfect!  It's silly, but it's simple things like this that make me never want to get rid of Discover even if it gets sock drawered quite a bit.

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140+ Discover card designs

I always knew that Discover had quite a few different card designs that one can choose from, but this number has gone up significantly at some point relatively recently.  I know about a year ago I was looking through their designs and they had maybe 40-50 (which was a lot of course) but now that number stands at about 100 more than that.  I'm just posting this as a FYI for anyone that cares, as I wouldn't have known if I didn't click on that add/replace card link on my account tonight.  While card design has no practical working benefit, this is one "perk" that Discover has probably everyone else beat in, as soft as a perk it may be Smiley Wink

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Re: 140+ Discover card designs

Discover design gallery is awesome. Where else can one find a throwback 1986 card design!? I love my "Dawn of Discover". People ask all the time how I got it.. 😂



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Re: 140+ Discover card designs

Yup.  A few weeks ago at my job I saw someone pay with what appeared to be an extremely old Discover card and I remember thinking to myself, "Wow, they've been with Discover for a long time..."  After seeing that throwback design in the gallery tonight, I'm now wondering if I got Catfished. 


I scooped up one of the Boom Box ones tonight to go along with my regular Mix Tape.  I like to keep a backup Discover card in my SD in the event that I lose or misplace the one in my wallet just to eliminate the wait time to obtain a new card.

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Re: 140+ Discover card designs

I have Dawn of Discover, Pride, and Iridescent. 


The Dawn of Discover is the one I like the most. 


I love how Disco lets you have up to 5 card designs at once, totally cool perk. 

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Re: 140+ Discover card designs

You can have way more than 5. I've got 7. It is my understanding that you can have 4 active, and if you want to add more, you'd have to freeze or unfreeze at your leisure. The downside with this is if one is lost/stolen, the entire batch is burned.



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Re: 140+ Discover card designs

I think it's around 10, per card account. I ha....know someone indecisive who has more than 11 designs. Also remember, if you have authorized users they essentially get the same card. That's 1 main card and up to 5 authorized user cards on each card account using the same card number.

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Re: 140+ Discover card designs

Couldn't decide so I got the Dawn of Discover and Vinyl.  Very cool feature they have

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