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100 new Discover It card designs

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Re: 140+ Discover card designs

There's one that looks red and it's named "Ruby". However it's a redish orange with like a white flake. I'm glad I got the "DoD" card too. The Dawn card bottom half has Discover written in gray over and over and it's actually not as visible as the pics appear.  

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Discover And New Card Designs

Received a notice from Discover today in email stating I could choose a new design for my card.  They have some really good designs and lots  to choose from. I'm still trying to make up my mind.  


Which one did you choose?

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Gold discover design

Random question but does anyone still have the gold discover design as an option? I know it came out some time in 2018. Mom got a mailer from them and it showed as one of the designs she could choose from as her design but i havent found a way for myself to choose it. Just curious as i thought it looked pretty cool
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Re: Gold discover design

I see it.


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8th row, far left

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Re: Gold discover design

Ah there it is, im just blind. I also did just switch from chrome to the regular it card so maybe it wasent a chrome design. Thanks
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Re: Gold discover design

Yeah I have it too lol 

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Re: Discover And New Card Designs

Got me the turtle swimming in the ocean Smiley Happy

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