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AMEX Green has a see-through feature

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AMEX Green has a see-through feature

If you hold up your AMEX Green to a backlight, the squiggle mark allows a green light to shine through the card.

Much more cool than any all-metal card Smiley Happy 


The squiggle says "Member Since" on the front, and "Reclaimed" on the back.


AMEX Green green2.jpg

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Re: AMEX Green has a see-through feature

So many cards have such cool features under a black light. I'm a photographer and have thought about trying to get some high quality long exposure macro shots of neat features of cards under the black light. Maybe something to try if my office finally decides to shut down and I have some extra time on my hands. 

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Re: AMEX Green has a see-through feature

Whaaaat that's cool lol

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