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ATM Fees

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Re: ATM Fees

here in Texas bofa has now started charging non customers 3 dollars for using their atm's.this has been a problem for a long time because i remember back in the nineties congress tried to intervene because ATM fees seem like they were rising every week.Back then(in the 90's) when i used to bank at a credit union out of state, i seen first hand how ridiculous ATM fees were rising every time i sued a banks ATM.
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Re: ATM Fees

You have to be wary about gtting cash back at merchants as well. There are banks that charge you the same fee that you would have recieved at the ATM or a different fee (usually cheaper). I just go out of my way to find my ATM or I don't go. I have a problem with feeling like I'm purchasing my money.
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Re: ATM Fees

This is what I use my Discover for I never need more $60 and I'm F-L-O-A-T, F-L-O-A-T-I-N-G my Spending cash BABY!
People say "Only apply for credit you NEED"

I say "apply for credit you have PRATICAL use of"

I don't have AMEX card because I don't want a card that suffers from PMS
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