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Amalfi Coast, anyone?

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Amalfi Coast, anyone?

I know this is random for this forum, but has anyone been to the Amalfi Coast? I’m going end of September and I still can’t decide where to stay. Will be there 9 days and nights. We plan to see a little bit of everything but don’t want to move around too to staying at 2 or 3 different places. Any suggestions?!? This vacation is long overdue!

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Re: Amalfi Coast, anyone?

I literally just got back! I moved around quite a bit though. I stayed in a little town called Agerola and made my way down to the coast and Positano. There's absolutely nothing to do on the coast but shop, eat and drink so 9 days is a lot. If I were you I'd go to Naples and Pompei and then head to the coast. 

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Re: Amalfi Coast, anyone?

FTFY:-) @enjoy your adventure.

Ps: I did stumble into the Amalfi coast when on an extended tour. W/o too much organization, followed the coast (by car) from Marseilles FR.

Ps: Be mindful of pick-pockets. Create a digital/printed image of your passport, cards, license, etc. and leave passport in a safe location.

@FrenchFico wrote:

There's absolutely nothing to do on the [Amalfi] coast but shop, eat and drink so 9 days is a lot the minimum time to soak-in the lifestyle.

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