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Any good insurance comparison websites or companies?

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Any good insurance comparison websites or companies?

I've been with Geico for a few years now, and I'm paying $200 a month to insure my two vehicles. I'm not looking to change any of my coverage, but would like to shop around for a lower rate. I stumbled across Everquote via a Facebook ad tonight, and went to Wikipedia to see if they were legit. Everything checked out, so I decided to put my information into their website and let it see what it could come back with for me. it didn't ask me anything about my current insurance deductibles, coverages, limits, etc. but promised quotes from over 70 different insurance companies. 


After going through all the pages of info, it didn't give me a list of companies and their quotes. It gave me a link to three major insurance companies and told me to click on their links for quotes from them individually. None of my info carried over on any of the "recommended" companies and I wasn't about to start the process over again. Now some company I've never heard of has my phone number and email address, and I'm sure they're going to sell it to a dozen different insurance companies. Can't wait for the 6am phone calls from tImezone-challenged east coast CSR's...


Anyways, what would you guys recommend for insurance shopping?



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