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Apple Card Video Review!

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Apple Card Video Review!

Heres a First Unboxing and first use Video Review...
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Re: Apple Card Video Review!

Ooooh, it’s so pretty lol 

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Re: Apple Card Video Review!

Lol. Even though the card is meh! I’m still going to get it lol
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Apple Card - physical card is seriously cool

Just got the physical card in fedex this morning. Have to admit it probably the coolest piece of metal you can carry other than the Centurion card, but is a masterpiece of workmanship. To get the personally engraved card two days after getting approved shows these folks have their act together. No calling to activate. Just tap your phone to the card and done. The whole process from the invite to the instant soft pull approval or denial and a cool physical thing you can use to saw your way out of debtors prison not to mention the brilliant execution of the whole program is showing all the others how things should work. I’m impressed. Let’s hope that Golman Sachs people don’t mess it all up somehow. 

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Re: Apple Card - physical card is seriously cool

It really is a sick card. I would use it everywhere if the rewards were 1.5% instead of 1%. This is my first metal card and it’s a real stunner. 

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Re: Apple Card - physical card is seriously cool

Agreed. It is pretty cool, but unfortunate that I will likely never actually carry it

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Re: Apple Card - physical card is seriously cool

It is kind of funny when you think about it...


Using a phone as a payment device was the stuff of science fiction not so long ago.


Yet we can get excited about titanium cards (Apple and Centurion)...a material that has been used to make medium-quality cookware for decades.

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