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Background Check Found an Unfamiliar Address

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Background Check Found an Unfamiliar Address

My work just ran a background check on me for employment purposes. I got the all clear, and the 3rd party company they used sent me a copy of the report. All of the data looks accurate except for one address in a state I have never lived in.


Should I be concerned about this discrepency, and if so, what actions should I take?


I have never seen this address on any credit report. It does not show up on any major bureau report. I pulled and froze reports from a number of small credit agencies last month, including Lexis-Nexis, and none of those reports listed this unknown address. Also, I have lifetime monitoring from a previous employer hack, and this unknown address has never shown up.


All in all, I suspect the issue is an error on the part of the 3rd party company, not identity theft. I have a common name, and there is likely someone with my name living in every state and several other countries.


That said, I'd like to hear from the experts here.

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Re: Background Check Found an Unfamiliar Address

@VanderSnoot... very interesting! That said I can think of a couple things (likely you already did):

1) "Don't Poke the Bear"
2) Really want it right. Danger is stirring up dust that falls all over may create problems. Since I have stirred the pot before I have found I get burned sometimes.

Early views. Be interesting to see what other posters may communicate. Shocked Lexis Nexis did not have it as they seem to have all the trivial nonsense if anybody does?!

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Re: Background Check Found an Unfamiliar Address

I think I'm going to ignore it because I've never seen this address on any report. Like you said, LN has the address of every house I have lived in since I was born - even addresses where I had mail temporarily forwarded - and it's not on there. If I see it again, of course, I'll take action.

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