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Badges for Your Signature

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Re: Badges for Your Signature

@CaptainConcorde wrote:

For some reason I show as a "new contributor" but I've had a membership at myfico for many years.  I had a name change the year before last.  How long does it take for the "new contributor" tag to change to "member"?  With the old name I had I was able to utilize the picture deal but now I don't see a signature tab under my settings?  


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"New Contributor" is 3 levels higher than "Member". 


Edit to add...  Look under "My Settings" and then "Personal Information".  You can enter "Signature" information into one of the fields there.

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Re: Badges for Your Signature

I was able to get it to work.  Problem was I was trying to use imgur.  Switched to imgchest and it works fine.  Thanks for the help!



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Re: Badges for Your Signature

I just logged in after many years, and I've noticed none of my post history is showing. It's also calling me a "new visitor" even thought I used to contribute a lot in the past. What's up with that? 

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Re: New Member Question

@ZainxIqbal-- please see this thread for more info

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Re: Badges for Your Signature


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