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Bank of America Major League Baseball Checking Ending

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Bank of America Major League Baseball Checking Ending

I noticed around May of this year that BofA no longer offered the MLB Cash Rewards credit card on their website and by June or July, I noticed that the MyExpressions Banking page no longer reflected the MLB debit cards. I was hoping for a refresh but I worried that they were just being discontinued.


Well, on my 12/15/2021 Advantage Plus checking account statement, there was a banner at the top indicating that I should review the statement for changes. There were several changes for students, this does not apply to me. But on another page was this notice:


MLB partnership with BofA ending.JPG


Major League Bummer. 


On January 5, 2022, there will no longer be any reference to the MLB or specific teams (my statements reflect "Your Chicago Cubs Advantage Plus checking account" and there is a a Chicago Cubs logo, in black and white, next to that.) 


Before March 31, 2022 the existing MLB debit mastercards will be replaced by a new debit mastercard. No numbers are changing. And it will be that stupid portrait/vertical style. 


I opened the account in the fall of 2008 and I loved having that debit card design and check design (though Harland Clarke will still offer the MLB checks). Keeping the account for the extra 10% rewards. 


Not sure this will effect many of you, but I wanted to share in case you do not read your statements like I usually don't. 


I have not heard anything about the MLB Cash Rewards mastercard credit card, but I would imagine those will be replaced by the new BofA red card version. 

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