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Bye, y’all! (v.2)

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Re: Bye, y’all! (v.2)

All the best!!

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Re: Bye, y’all! (v.2)

Not you Hauling. You were my fave Smiley Happy


Thank you. And good luck!

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Re: Bye, y’all! (v.2)

Are there no crying emoticons???Woman Sad


Have safe and fun travels Hauling!!!

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Re: Bye, y’all! (v.2)

Thanks for the laughs, support, and great advice. We will all miss you. Via con Dios.
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Re: Bye, y’all! (v.2)

It's depressing to see you go!


Write to me.  I'd love to hear from you.  I'm hoping you still have my email address!

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Re: Bye, y’all! (v.2)

Best of luck to you ! Many thanks for your service.

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Re: Bye, y’all! (v.2)

So now I am beginning to feel really, really old.  All the old timers is going away  Smiley Sad

The slide from grace is really more like gliding
And I've found the trick is not to stop the sliding
But to find a graceful way of staying slid
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Re: Bye, y’all! (v.2)

We wish you best of luck, I hope that "plenty of rest" and you can continue to contribute to the forum Smiley Wink



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Re: Bye, y’all! (v.2)

Sad to see you go.  Smiley SadSmiley Sad

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Re: Bye, y’all! (v.2)

Ah, I don't frequent this forum so I missed this, but Hauling, you were absolutely one of my favorite posters on this forum and I always eagerly read what you posted.


Thank you for your contribution here, it has been immensely helpful to me personally and to many others on the forum as well.  Best of luck to you in all of your future endeavours, party on!



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