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CSP Bendability


CSP Bendability

I just got my CSP and while it looks great, I feel I've been spoiled by the Amex Gold. The CSP is surprisingly bendable, and makes the card feel cheaper. 


I found an article where bend tests where conducted on various metal cards. While the Amex Gold weighs in at 14.73 oz and the CSP at 12.37oz, the CSP deflects almost twice as much as the Amex Gold. The metal portion of each card seems similar in thickness, so I'm curious what metal or metal alloy each uses. It's interesting to point out the Apple Card weighs in at 14.75oz but deflects half that of the Amex Gold. I'm positive that is due to relatively high modulus of elasticity of the titanium alloy Apple chose to use.


Anyway, I still really like the card, but I'm ready for Chase to step up and make it out of tungsten. 



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Re: CSP Bendability

I swipe cards all day at work so I get to feel all of them quite frequently. I would have to agree 100% that a gold or plat AMEX feels much better in my hands than does a CSP/CSR. The first time I swiped an Apple card I was VERY impressed by the feel of the card too. I wanted to scold the person swiping it because we accept Apple pay and he was forfeiting his 2% for swiping instead, but that was certainly not my place. The only metal card I have myself is my Savor and I must say that is a beautifully etched card and feels heavy and robust to me, very similar to the AMEX versions of their metal cards. 

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