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Canned Messages

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Canned Messages

I know we all get them!  Some banks are known for them more than others.  Thinking of the last message you sent your CC company through site email let's answer the questions and maybe have a little fun?


1.  Which company do you this is the worst for giving them?

           Barclays or Capital One.


2.  What is the most annoying message you have gotten?

           Thank you for your time and appreciate you as a valued customer.  (If you did, you would have responded to my actual question.)


3.  What is the message you like the most?

            At Capital One we are a conservative lender.....    (I just have to laugh when I hear it or read it anywhere.)


4.  Do you think the people who read the message you send actualy read the message you send?

            I think the message system is outsourced and that they simply look for keywords and input the script.


5.  How do you respond to them?

            Sometimes I take the reply they send and rewrite to give my concern back to them again it and send it back.


6.  What message would you like to see scripted/canned instead?



7.  Which company is least likely to give a canned/scripted response?

             Discover.  They always just seem to talk to you like a person on an informal friendly level. 


At least then I would not know how to respond and realize that it just doesn't matter what I say.  After all it does put it exactly as it really is anyway.



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