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Capital One Commercial

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Capital One Commercial

Some of you may have seen the Taylor Swift Commercial promoting Capital One where she is a Soda Fountain person. Really is a well done commerical. Chuckle at what happens. In my television area, Capital One has been promoting there new approach to banking and are or seem to be, saturating the air waves with their presence.

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Re: Capital One Commercial

I haven't seen that commercial but CapOne advertises in almost every one of my podcasts.

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Re: Capital One Commercial

Yes I have noticed alot more Cap one commercials for their banking, they are really trying hard to get their banking out there.

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Re: Capital One Commercial

I hadn’t seen this one.


There have indeed been a lot of Capital One ad pushes lately. The only thing I watch with ads is Hulu and NFCU and Capital One are big advertisers on there. 

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