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Chase Marriott Premier Plus >> Bonvoy Boundless

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Chase Marriott Premier Plus >> Bonvoy Boundless

Finally got my Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless card, and I'm disappointed.  My Premier Plus was a metal card, and the Boundless is a flimsy plastic card.  It does have tap to pay, but I don't consider that a big deal, and the plastic card will not hold up in my wallet as my daily driver as well as the metal card.  I'm sure it will have to be replaced before it's expired.  Disappointed...I'm guessing the tap to pay cards and metal don't get along.  Anyone know if that's the case?



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Re: Chase Marriott Premier Plus >> Bonvoy Boundless

As long as the card works whether it's on mobile wallet, tap and pay, swipe or chip I'm good 😁 Nobody really looks at them as it is, well...except for the cardholder.

As far as the contactless feature and metal cards go, there's really no issue since that already exists for CCs like WF Propel, AmEx Gold/Platinum, for instance.
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Re: Chase Marriott Premier Plus >> Bonvoy Boundless

My problem with plastic cards is they don't do well in my wallet and litterally fall apart over the years.  My two daily drivers were both metal, and they both look brand new.  I am a huge fan of them just due to their durability.  

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Re: Chase Marriott Premier Plus >> Bonvoy Boundless

I can understand the durability aspect, however, only a small fraction of the entire CC production for all lenders are either metal, metal core or other composite materials.

It's fairly possible that Chase decided to reduce costs for that specific brand or product and it's back to plastics. If your current card has the same CVV as the replacement I'm sure you can use it until it expires.

If my plastic CCs get worn out or damaged I simply order new replacements
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