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Compliments on your credit card

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Re: Compliments on your credit card

localuser wrote:
Odd topic but wanted to share.

I pulled around to the drive through window and handed the lovely lady my Discover IT card she handed it back ever so slightly and said "I really like that card" I said thanks and flashed my wedding band. I had to call my wife to get a good laugh, her first response was "did she see your ring" lol.

Has anyone had their credit card complimented?

Somehow, I think that if you got the message to flash your wedding band, she really wasn't commenting on your card!  More likely a little flirting going on.


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Re: Compliments on your credit card

Definitely get compliments on my CSP on a regular basis and when ever my Zync comes out of my SD.


I do love my CSP, have to admit, partly because of the design.

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Re: Compliments on your credit card

Revelate wrote:

jgodfrey82 wrote:
Zync. . At least once a week.. happened tonight at a food truck, the busiest one in town and she said never seen it before

Zync absolutely.


On the flipside, my BCP draws laughs rather than compliments: looks like it's been to hell and back after using it as my default card for the last nine months, and it's devoloped a bend to it as well.  Cheap and flimsy are definitely appropos descriptions.


Hah, at Chipotle the cashier actually glowingly complimented my disreputable BCP.  Having posted this and then have that happen, it was all I could do to restrain my laughter.

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Re: Compliments on your credit card

Haven't used my IT card out in public yet, but I remember when I had my AMEX zync I got compliments on it all the time.

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Re: Compliments on your credit card

I've gotten compliments on my American Express Blue Cash Everyday and Barclaycard Ring.

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