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Credit Wish List


Re: Credit Wish List

PenFed Auto Loan eventually
Sallie Mae?
Fidelity Amex?
NCFU Accounts
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Re: Credit Wish List

Chase United MileagePlus Explorer


Auto loan with USAA or NFCU

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Re: Credit Wish List

I went a bit crazy in December 12 / January  -  May 13 ..from 2 cards to 8 cards or from 8,5K available credit to 73,5K available nothing to do but strong gardening for the moment and try to keep my scores 


Goal card in 2014 (1st card on wishlist):


  • CSP




  • Sallie Mae
  • US Bank Cash +
  • US Airways (only for sign up bonus)
  • SPG
  • Blue Sky

or any new interesting card coming on the market...LOL


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Re: Credit Wish List

I only have two:


  • Amex PRG
  • Amex Delta Platinum

Eventually I'll get there!

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Re: Credit Wish List

While I like the selection I have, and the cards listed in my signature (plus a few others such as Wells Fargo and 1st Command) serve a purpose...and while I do have this lust thing going on for a Cap One Quicksilver (don't ask me why -- just do)...


I'd PC all of my cards...every one of them....well not all, I'd keep my Unicorn....for a Palladium I think the Palladium is singularly the very best card out there.



EX = 849 EQ = 850 TU = 850 as of 07/2017
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Re: Credit Wish List

POTTERY BARN, yes Please!  So far, denial.  Approved for everything else on my current wish list.


What's it take to get a PB Card?  Maybe it's the Gods saving me from myself, lol!



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Re: Credit Wish List

A true chip and pin card. Haven't decided which one yet but need no FTF, no annual fee one. SDCU? And another MC with no annual fee and chip.

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Re: Credit Wish List

I want


1. Chase Freedom

2. American Express Green


Once I acquire these two cards I am done with applying for any more Credit cards.  Funny thing is I had a Freedom before and closed it.  I also had an Amex Zync but they canceled my account. 

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Re: Credit Wish List

Don't judge me for the number of cards, but:


American Express Blue Sky

US Bank Cash+

Chase Sapphire Preferred

Huntington Voice

Barclaycard Apple Visa

Barclaycard Rewards


And my maybe list:

American Express Delta

American Express Green



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