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Credit card applications 2014.

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Re: Credit card applications 2014.

I'll apply CSP in March, and probably the new wellsfargo propel 365 card
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Re: Credit card applications 2014.

Have the whole mortgage thing I either need to do or just give up on; beyond that, not sure, the more I think about it I may start working on my business credit just in case I ever need it for the future and the Ink Cash is an excellent fit.  


Beyond that if I don't go through with that, will wind up picking up either a 2% restaurant card from Amex (and I probably need to start shopping at places like Costco anyway admittedly as soon as the mortgage lands), or maybe Chase, or perhaps just do a 2% card vis a vis the Fidelity Amex or see if I can slide into a JCB Makurai living in Cali.


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Re: Credit card applications 2014.

PRG if there is a good offer and for backdating...also considering Citi TYP.

Any advice given is always YMMV...

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Re: Credit card applications 2014.

Planned apps:


January: Cash+

July/August: BCE


Also in the pipeline, timing TBD: Penfed Travel Rewards AMEX (sooner if I can reallocate some existing Platinum Rewards CL and get the account without the HP - or maybe I'll just go for it), Discover IT / Freedom

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Re: Credit card applications 2014.

I might try for the Target card or the Navy Federal credit card. I want to wait until Summer 2014 to run another inquiry.



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Re: Credit card applications 2014.

If the Chase Slate offers remain intact, I want to transfer my original chase slate (800.00 CL) over to freedom (4k CL ) .. close the slate, continue to work on Paying down Freedom to <10%... Open a Navcheck 15k (if i can qualify), pay off one Vehicle loan (2500 left to pay on this one), and then in November 2014 reapp for another Slate, Or another 0% BT card with no BT fees.   This is only the plan if i am unable to pay the freedom down to < 10 %.  I have 3 of 10 baddies falling off in 2014, and 6 more falling off in 2015, If i can't get them GW sooner. 

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Re: Credit card applications 2014.

I am supposed to close on my mortgage on 12/27! After that, I think I'm going to app for the Duck Visa. In 2014, I would really like the CSP and a Delta AMEX. My BK7 was discharged 5/2009. It's probably still too soon for AMEX.

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Re: Credit card applications 2014.

I won't apply for anything new (just got three new cards this month), but I'd like to do a PC from Chase Sapphire to CSP at some point.  I'm also hoping to do a PC from Amex Blue to BCE (hopefully by the end of 2014) and then eventually do a PC from BCE to BCP - that's all going to take some time, though.  The main thing I have in the works in 2014 is my first mortgage in July or August... gotta stay HP-free until then!  I will also try to seek every SP-only CLI possible.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Re: Credit card applications 2014.

I have been thinking about the Harley-Davidson Sig card for a couple of years now, so I "might" apply for that in '14.  I haven't applied for anything since 2011.

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Re: Credit card applications 2014.

Waiting on a new card to come out from somebody!  Smiley Surprised

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