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Credit obsessed

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Re: Credit obsessed

I currently work with a guy who has no clue on credit. His wife told him he isn't allowed to have credit because its bad and they pay cash for everything. I had to educate on credit and explained to him why it's important. I do wish they had a Credit/Money Managment class for High School.

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Re: Credit obsessed

You are not alone. Lately I've been a little too involved in it.


I remember ordering FAKO scores two years ago... yeah, I thought they were THE credit scores.


It gets even worse, 5 years ago I financed my car at the dealership Smiley Sad

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Re: Credit obsessed

Paying cash for everything isn't necessarily bad, though I'd be curious to know why she feels that way.


Perhaps your colleague's wife was traumatized as a child watching her parent's posessions get hauled off by the Repo Man.


It seems like most people here aren't really obsessed with using credit for a particular purpose as much as they are obsessed with gaming their way into a lot of it. Smiley Very Happy


I'm only here because I want one card very, very desperately--and that's for the rewards that come with it!

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Re: Credit obsessed

The Repo man comment was the first unnecessary comment I've come across in the forum. Bound to happen.
Congrats man. Feel better... Okay let's move on.
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Re: Credit obsessed
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