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Discover Strip

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Discover Strip

So i have been wondering this for a while but does anyone know why the Discover barcode strip thingy is Silver with circles? Like i think it looks awesome by why is different than other cards?

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Re: Discover Strip

I think it's just an identification feature dude. There aren't many ways for different plastic issuers to distinguish themselves so they just have unique details to be as different as possible. Check this out:

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Re: Discover Strip

I think it is a security/identification feature similar to the dove hologram on Visa cards. 



Are you guys also have troubles with login to Discover account. For me the "Remember Me" no longer works and I have to order a temp security code for each account login by text, phone or email.....just curious if it is just my account?  It normally only happens with new IP or new device but it now is even like that at my home Smiley Sad  - very annoying.

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Re: Discover Strip

As others said, it's for security. What surprises me is that Discover hasn't had problems. Amex used to use the same holographic stripes, and quit. My understanding was that it was due to the failure rate, but given the cards come from only a few manufactuers, either:


1. That was an unfounded rumour




2. The issues were fixed

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