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Does anyone else chase other BONUS offers?

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Does anyone else chase other BONUS offers?

I'm a sucker for cash back cards and have been getting back $500-$700 a year from various cards and not paid any interest for the last 7 years ago.

This year, I started chasing bonus offers for opening broker accounts and checking/savings accounts.

The bonus offers for checking/savings has blown my mind. Getting $150-$250 for fulfilling some really easy requirements and spending very little time doing it has put a lot of money in our pockets so far this year.

Does anyone else do this?

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Re: Does anyone else chase other BONUS offers?

See the Personal Finance forum. Many do.

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Re: Does anyone else chase other BONUS offers?

I did until about a year ago. I had something stupid like 10 checking and 7 savings accounts and my financial life felt way too cluttered. Especially once you're splitting direct deposits a half dozen ways to fulfill requirements/keep accounts free/etc.


It's a great easy way to make a great return, though.

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Re: Does anyone else chase other BONUS offers?

Thanks for the response. Yeah, all these new accounts does clutter things but back when I was working and had a business, I had probably 15 checking accounts. So it doesn't bother me and much if the requirements only make it where I have to do a single direct deposit. I've also got the advantage of knowing how to do an ACH from my original checking account.

Iut if the offers I've taken, only one has a monthly fee but it's waived with a small direct deposit.

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