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Embarrassing "your card has been declined" stories

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Re: Embarrassing "your card has been declined" stories

I just remembered this one, lol.


I was out to eat with my mother and someone else. I went to swipe my card and it said declined so I used another one.

Up until this day mother swears I swiped the side without the magnetic stripe, I still deny that I did that although I very well could have.

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Re: Embarrassing "your card has been declined" stories

picture this: Many years ago when you had to for gas inside.   I had Texaco card. Paid left kept using my card for the next week  and then get my bill. All charges corect upto the week before then charges all over the state but none of my charges. I pull out my Texaco card to call  the number on the back notice 1) signature onback is not mine 2) my card had my middle initial on it and this card did not. It turned out two Mr Backwoods were at the Texaco station at the same time and the clerk had switched cards.     

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Re: Embarrassing "your card has been declined" stories

Went to pay for gas one day and it told me to go inside to pay. Strange, but I thought the card reader might be out of order, so I went inside. I must've asked the poor cashier to run it three times because I just didn't understand it. I could see exactly how much money I had in my account from the app, and it was well over what they were asking me to pay. In the end, I had to rummage through my car to see if there was any emergency cash and luckily, there was just enough. With the cashier and the other customers around waiting for me, it was just awkward.


As soon I got back to my car after paying, it dawned on me. I can block or unblock my debit card at any time from my phone. I use this function any time I "lose" my card and unblock it once I find it in my bed or on my desk or in my couch. Guess I forgot to unblock it. Facepalmed so hard.

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Re: Embarrassing "your card has been declined" stories

More funny than embarrassing - went to buy coffee at Starbucks, debit card declined. I try to grab a different card to pay, and cute guy behind me steps up to pay. Okay, I'd kinda been flirting with him during our morning coffee stops (we both worked at 7 am). His debit card gets declined, the barista pointed out that they were had the same design on them (both Bank of the West). The barista just gives us our coffee for free, I called bank of the west who told me they closed mine due to the target hack. They told him the same thing. We dated until I moved to a different state.
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Re: Embarrassing "your card has been declined" stories


About 18 years ago, when I was in my late 20s, friends of mine introduced me to a friend of theirs that they thought was a perfect match for me.  We went out on a double date and had a great time. 


A couple of days later, I called her at work to see how her day was going and she was having a horrible day.  Since she worked downtown and I lived downtown, I suggested she come over after work and we could go grab dinner and some drinks.  She took me up on my offer and we went to one of my hangouts a block away from my apartment.  We spent 3-4 hours there, had a great time, and she really got to relax after a rough day at work.  After I threw down my debit card to pay the bill, our waitress (who I knew) came back and said "Sorry, it was declined.  I ran it 3 times".  Before I could get my wallet out, my date threw down one of her cards and picked up the check.  I felt like a complete idiot. 


I knew I had plenty of money in the account, so I couldn't understand what happened....until I hit up the ATM the next day.  The ATM gave me a PIN error and I looked at the card like "What is going on here?!?".  At that point, I noticed someone else's name on what I thought was my card.  I had been to the same restaurant a few nights earlier and they gave me back the wrong card when I paid.  As soon as I showed up at that restauant, they knew exactly what had happened and had my card waiting for me.


As embarrassing as that was, all is not lost.  Flash forward to the date from that night and I just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary.  She still teases me about that night.

Great story, love it!


My decline: I moved back to the town I grew up in last year after being gone since I graduated HS. Anyways so I have BCP card and 6% CB and local grocery so I'm using my card at this grocery store that has been there since before I was born and they just sold it to a larger chain. So my first visit since they changed name and systems I'm using my BCP to pay and it keeps getting declined like 4 times in a row, finally I look up and the cashier says we don't take AMEX anymore. Thanks for letting me know and luckily I had my debit. Seriously a bummer. 

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Re: Embarrassing "your card has been declined" stories


Ah man i've had this happen to me a few times.


A few times I had a card declined. Once was I was getting food, dvd at a store with a girl i was dating and it was waaaay before Netflix and chill. So anyway i loaded everything up and boom declined. Not once but 5 times in a row!!! i ended up diggin into my cash to pay for it. Guess what it declined the next two customers. lol


The most embarrasing time was I was getting the most random stuff too. duct tape , deodorant , yogurt , Jerky, soda, condoms , fruit by the foot, milk, apples. First the look on the cashiers face was great as i loaded my items lol i'll never forget it. But it declined due to the card being deactivated by me bc of a fraud charge from a online purchase. Yea i forgot to cut up my own card. That lead to me speaking to the store manager and they ended up cutting up my card after verifiyng it was on purpose I was just an idiot.


How old were you!? 17? lol


Robot LOL



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Re: Embarrassing "your card has been declined" stories

While using "Lyft" app I attempted to request a ride the card wouldn't work so... I'm getting nervous and agitated because it's cold

and I just want to get home well I always keep a prepaid card on me and had to use that when I arrived home called bank it was just a hold to make sure I was the real person using the account. Prepaid card helps me to not spend unless prudent to do so... all my credit cards always locked up and not carried on my person.

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Re: Embarrassing "your card has been declined" stories

Hmmmm. I had my card declined at gamestop with the cashier being an old high school crush which was a really awesome experience. Turns out USBank really does want you to call in to activate. I’ve also forgotten about a Discover account freeze I’d turned on the night before after thinking I’d lost my wallet while trying to buy tacos. I was perhaps a little too irate with the customer service agent before realizing my mistake.

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Re: Embarrassing "your card has been declined" stories

My most embarrassing was when I was in Panera with a friend. We were gonna do some work, and just out of the apartment. We had ordered a bagel and cream cheese each, and when I ordered, my debit card kept getting declined. And naturally I was embarrassed AF, and she was (I swear to god) YELLING how I was going to pay for my food. Luckily, my friend shoved her card in her face and said she’d pay.

I never went back to that Panera again. I felt so embarrassed. I was so angry at that woman for yelling and even my friend pointed out that she was yelling. What a nightmare.

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Re: Embarrassing "your card has been declined" stories

I was at Giant Food with $100 worth of groceries and a $500 gift card at the register with the CSP in hand. Swipe one - "unauthorized". Hmm. Perhaps CSP doesn't authorize purchasing gift cards. Swipe two minus the gift card - "unauthorized".


The cashier gives me this look while I give my CSP the good ol' "Ben Affleck's The Accountant" face. I'm nowhere near my limit.



While talking to the Chase CSR and verifying my identity, I was asked if I wanted to try the transaction again. I kindly advised them I was already home as I couldn't bare to wait in line, but that I did resort to using my Amex to complete the purchase. Saying the word Amex must've struck the right chord. The CSR went into overpolite mode and assured it would not happen again.


In Chase's defence, I suppose $500 gift cards are uncommon.

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