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Experian Warns of Fraudulent Emails-Warning

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Experian Warns of Fraudulent Emails-Warning

I was just checking my Exoerian report and on their main website they have listed a warning regarding fraudulent emails claiming to be from Experian.

Here's the information:

March 14, 2013 — Fraudulent Emails Claiming to be From Experian
Experian is aware of a recently-launched scam in which fraudulent emails are claiming to be from "Experian" ( This email is in no way associated with Experian. DO NOT OPEN THIS EMAIL OR ITS ATTACHMENT. DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.
The email is a very convincing replica of an Experian alert. A critical difference is that Experian never includes attachments in its emails to members, and does not send email alerts to non-members. Additionally, Experian members should note that the membership ID number is incorrect and non-members would not have an Experian member ID, which would clearly be a warning sign. Consumers are warned that this is a fraudulent alert. Investigators from Experian's Global Security Office are working with the appropriate parties to uncover the source of these fraudulent emails.
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Re: Experian Warns of Fraudulent Emails-Warning

I received one and actually clicked on it. Smiley Surprised   It looked pretty real. Here's a copy and paste:


This email was sent because it contains important information about your account. Please note that if you have previously unsubscribed from, you will no longer receive newsletters or special offers. However, you will continue to receive email notifications regarding your account. To ensure that you'll receive emails from us, please add to your address book.
Membership ID #693934112

A Key Change Has Been Posted to One of Your Credit Reports

A key change has been posted to one of your three national Credit Reports. Each day we monitor your Experian®, Equifax. and TransUnion. Credit Reports for key changes that may help you detect potential credit fraud or identity theft. Even if you know what caused your Report to change, you don't know how it will affect your credit, so we urge you to do the following:

View detailed report by opening the attachment.

You will be prompted to open (view) the file or save (download) it to your computer.
For best results, save the file first, then open it in a Web browser.
Contact our Customer Care Center with any additional questions.

Note: The attached file contains personal data.
Your membership gives you the confidence you need to look after your credit. We encourage you to log-in regularly to take full advantage of the benefits your membership has to offer, such as unlimited access to your Credit Report and Score Tracker. Notifications like this are an important part of your membership, and in helping you stay on top of your credit.

*If it has been less than thirty days since you joined, your monthly credit statement includes your information for the period of time you have been enrolled.




I clicked on the EX link within the graphic and the URL in that is legit for Experian. I clicked using my iPhone and the page was slow at loading and I closed it after 3-4 seconds of waiting. It wasn't until I logged on my e-mail using my Network Solutions e-mail page that I saw the ZIP file at the bottom (despite not showing as an attachment in the attachment column....not enclosed) and also noticed the URL at the intro of the e-mail (not sure if that's legit or not). It got me.



ETA...the typesetting is off.

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Re: Experian Warns of Fraudulent Emails-Warning

Man, it had me nervous to open any Ex emails.  But, looks like the ones I have are legit from their normal support email

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