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FICO Forum obsessed 😂

New Contributor

Re: FICO Forum obsessed 😂

Haha I love it! Thanks everyone. Glad to be part of the credit family here ❤
Rebuilding in March 2018
TU: 590 EQ: 594 as of 3/18
CO QS1 300 SL
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Re: FICO Forum obsessed 😂

You are not alone, Dreadful_Dolly!👍

I’m right there with ya!😉

Starting Score: EQ 491
Stating Scores 02/13/2018
TU 483 EX 543 EQ 491
Current Score:
EQ 563
Goal Score: 600 (for now)

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Score: 06/16/2018 TU 556 +34
Score: 06/16/2018 EX 546 +0
Score: 06/16/2018 EQ 563 +52
In the Garden until 11/2018


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Re: FICO Forum obsessed 😂

I’ve tripled my “portfolio” since I joined in October 2017. I probably check this forum more than Facebook 😂. At least there’s value here.
Scores TU 723 EQ 705 EX 729
FAKO TU 753 EQ 747 EX 738
Inquiries 8-10 across.
UTI 13% AAoA 2.4
No baddies
Total CL $103800
Almost AZEO
Revised goal 2018 $125k

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Re: FICO Forum obsessed 😂

Very true!
Rebuilding in March 2018
TU: 590 EQ: 594 as of 3/18
CO QS1 300 SL
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Re: FICO Forum obsessed 😂

Yup, me too. Though I’ve been off for about a week until last night.
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Re: FICO Forum obsessed 😂

Oh, have no fear, you are far from alone in this forum!  Smiley Happy  

I, too, am obsessed with credit and the rebuild journey.  Although it can vary, more often than not I check in for at least a few minutes three or four times a day.  Occasionally I will go a couple of days without checking, however that is rare.  Smiley Happy



Year 2012: All Scores in the 520 range, during a foreclosure, CC Settlement and high UTIL. Very ugly days...
June 2018: EX8: 745; EQ8: 740; TU8: 798; FICO 9 Scores about 40 points higher
In My Wallet: Discover $69.7K; Cap1 Venture $36.7K; Amex ED $38K; Amex Optima $12.5K; Amex Delta Gold $15K; Citi Costco $10.5K; Cap1 Plat $8.4K; Barclay $7K; Citi TY Pref $13K; US Bank $4K; Dell $5K; Care Credit $6.5K. Total Revolving CL: $226K
My UTIL: Less than 1% - Only allow about $10 a month to report, on one account. .
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Re: FICO Forum obsessed 😂

Definitely not alone.  I came here to get help getting my scores up. I think I've come as far as I can go on my own account and have decided to take a break with trying to deal with the blemishes on my credit report cnsidering my recent approvals notwithstanding my blemishes, so I am in the garden now.


However, I have taken to working on my mom and cousin's files because I want to help them improve their credit now that they are ready.   

You have to start somewhere, so HERE is THERE
Starting FICO 8 Score: 2-20-18 EQ 729 TU 698 EX 665
FICO 8 Score Upon entering the Garden: 3-14-18 EQ 719 TU 724 EX 681
Recent FICO 8 Score: 4-1-18 EQ 714 TU 721 EX 669
Goal Score: 750 across the board
The Good: all accounts current; utilization 8%
The Bad: 8 - 30 day lates (2013-2017); 3 60 day lates (2014-2016)
The Ugly: ONE CO 2014 - reporting as current CO on EXP (in dispute)

In the garden until March 2020
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Re: FICO Forum obsessed 😂

Oh definitely not alone. I always have at least one thread open in a tab, haha.

TCL: $1,450 | AAoA: 7.8 yrs (I can thank my student loans for this) | Util: 62% (high due to charge-offs) Smiley Sad
Cleaning up and rebuilding after a long hiatus from credit
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