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Fifteen minutes off and on the freeway

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Fifteen minutes off and on the freeway

This is what happened on a day during the holiday season. As I left the packed parking lot of a grocery store, a car drove in the opposite direction in a one-way aisle. I suppose he could be forgiven, being an out-of-state driver. Soon afterwards, another car repeated the incident in another aisle. She was local.

Once I was getting on the freeway, the driver in front of me didn't put on her turn signal until half of the car had already entered the right lane. A few minutes later, another car in front of me in the middle lane drives five miles slower than the speed limit. She was on the cell phone. On the bridge having two lanes in each direction, a car driving the speed limit stays in the left lane the whole time. Apparently she doesn't know she was in the passing lane.

At the first traffic light after getting off the freeway, a car doesn't get back in motion once the light turns green. She was texting. I drive into a parking lot with one-way aisles and diagonal stalls. A car sees a free stall on the edge to the left and overlooks the opposite direction and the sharp angle to get in. The pointy concrete curb is left between her two right wheels. Another car was parked a stall over towards the next aisle. She avoids the sharp angle by leaving in the opposite direction.

I am not kidding, and this is was just a fraction of it. Such stuff happens so often it feels like the norm rather than exceptions. Do people simply get overly stimulated when there are more of them out there? My favorite which happens year around would be the drivers who at a speed slower than those around them stay in the left lane of the freeway. As I'm merely idly curious and if you enjoy driving in the left lane at a leisurely pace, would you mind unlocking the attraction? Is there free coffee? Much appreciated. Smiley Happy


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Re: Fifteen minutes off and on the freeway

I used to drive a truck, I can't even begin to tell you how many people I saw doing stupid stuff in cars.

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