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First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

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First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

This is a little game for us all to play, and perhaps even educational.


Its simple, tell us about your cards.  The first one you ever had, the best one you ever had,  the worst one you ever had, and the one you wish you had.




Ill go first.


My very first credit card was in 1998 and it was an HSBC Mastercard from back before their portfolio was acquired by Capital One.

I was 18, the limit was 2200, I maxed it out in 60 days, never paid a dime on it, it dropped off my record way back in 2006.  I would kill to take back those decisions and have me a 20 year old credit card in good standing.


My first credit card of the "adult" era is my Capital One Secured card.  They have 99 dollars, i have 500 limit.  Pretty straightforward.  Its nine months old.


My best credit card is currently my Cap 1 Quicksilver, despite it being the AF version and having a low limit, its the only unsecured bank card I have that has any sort of staying power.  While my BB Visa has six times the limit, it also has a much higher APR and no cashback.


My worst credit card is that **bleep** indigo.  300 limit, can never grow, and has a 75/99 AF.  That thing is sentenced to death once its put a few solid months of history on my report.


My realistic "wish" card is either Discover IT or Citi DoubleCash.  Either would do.  I dont travel, I hate points, but that sweet cashback and a good solid five digit CL would satisfy me for a good long time.   It annoys me to no end all of these toy limits I have right now, because I have to spread my spend all over the place to watch my Utilization.  If I had a good solid prime or superprime, id probably only ever use it.  (if i could get my old HSBC card back, that would be amazing)

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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

I’ll play 😀

First Barclay Reward MC (closed)

Best SPG

Worst BOA CR

Wish CSR (way over 5/24 and this could change due to developments Amex/Chase)

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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First credit card - PayPal MC charged off when I was 19 and stupid.

First Credit Card of being a responsible adult. Us bank Secured

Worst card- Capital One Secured or Credit one. Probably credit one since capital Ones EO office makes up for how much the regular CSR’s suck!

Best card - Either Amex PRG or US bank FlexPerks. It would be strictly Amex if it was accepted more overseas.

Wish card - Chase CSR or CSP

Total Revolving Limits $123,700

FICO 8 scores 01/2019
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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First: A Chevron gas card ( didn't go to well, was never taught how to manage money as a kid.)


Best Card:  Chase Sapphire Reserve.


Worst Card:  WF "platinum" I only keep it for my AAOA as it is my oldest card. High interest and a SL that never really grew. 


Wish Card: AMEX Centurion for Delta Platinum Medallion benefits. And the USAA limitless as it was never available in my state (AK), hoping that it returns one day. 


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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

My first card is my Walmart card. It has a 10k credit limit and it use to be my favorite card until blispay came along. I also have this card in my collection and it's at 7k? I don't have a worst card but I don't normally use my care credit card... And the one card that I'm wishing for is the Chase Sapphire reserve. I almost want to cancel my amex plat to upgrade my preferred but I haven't done it yet Smiley Happy
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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First Card
BoA Travel Rewards - started off as a humble $500 secured card, graduated quickly and ended up being my first $5k card.

Best Card
Amex Platinum - I spend about 5-6k a year on airfare and the 5x is killer. No substitution.

Worst Card
Citi TY Preferred - I opened this card before I realized I need the Premier or Prestige to transfer points to airlines... gonna cash out to gift cards and PC to DC later.

Wish Card
So many... Chase MPE, Marriott, CSR (only have CSP atm), Amex SPG. Will be getting them soon.
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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

My first credit card was as a college student.  The bookstore gave everybody an application inside the bag at purchase.  Don't remember which bank it was.  $300 CL.  I didn't know the first thing about credit.  How are you supposed to keep your spending at $30 (10%) with a limit like that?  Defaulted.


My second credit card was as a college graduate.  Capital One.  Got a job in sales.  Ran it up to $1,500.  Decided to go back to grad school.  Defaulted on the card.


College loans reported for 14 years with no credit card.  Checked Credit Karma due to all the commercials.  Over 700 credit score.  Recommended Barclays MC Rewards.  $500 initial limit.  Again, how are you supposed to use a card with that kind of limit?


24 cards later and an AAoA reduced to 3 years and 2 months, I have $117,000 in credit lines.  FICO scores in the 780s.  Have every card I could ever want.  3 inquiries tops.  No apps for 8 months.


Favorite card?  NFCU Cash Rewards.  SL nearly $18,000.


I know pretty much everything about credit now due to this site.  My parents taught me nothing.  My utilization is 1%.


Do not spend money you do not have.  It's selfish to get what you want without any care if you screw your creditor.

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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

Seems fun! Smiley Happy

First Card - Capital One Platinum w/ a SL of 500$, Opened 01/17. I PC'd it to Quicksilver after a few months.

Best Card - AMEX PRG! I really love the travel benefits and overall rewards.

Worse Card - Don't really have one but I dont use my Wayfair card very much. Used for dorm items but havent used it much after that

Wish Card - A ton Smiley Tongue Definitely want the CSR eventually but just started building credit so way past 5/24 and would never qualify for minimum CL requirement at the moment, also want SPG, Citi Double Cash, and a Discover card.
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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First Card: Barnes & Noble Visa from Chase -I never actually used so it was closed for inactivity when I moved to Europe.

Best card:Amex Platinum- Due to the number of points earned from flights. (I've earned close to 27k in two months from flights alone. Excluding hotels)

Worst card: eBay Extras Mastercard

Wish Card: Chase Sapphire Reserve- Will transfer my CL from the Ritz to the CSP at the end of next year. I'll then request a PC to the CSR

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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First card was a FirstUSA Bank Visa that I signed up for as a financially uninformed colleged freshman.


Best card is Citi Double Cash.


Worst card is BoA BankAmericard.  It was the best option for me to consolidate my remaining credit debt onto because of 0 transfer fees and 0% APR for 18 months, but I don't see it as anything except a BT card.  When I pay the balance off, I'll product change or combine it into my BoA CashRewards.


Wish card is a Mastercard Black card.

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