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First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First: Bon Marche paper card picked up at cash register to get 5% off (I think I paid with a check).  Looking at it at home, I saw it said to call this phone number to turn it into a credit card.  I called and was astonished when I was told it was now a Bon Marche store credit card (I've forgotten the limit).  I never used it, but it was a thrill to get it.


Best: Simmons First Visa Platinum.  I felt like "Finally, I do not have bad credit."


Worst: Capital One Visa Platinum No Hassle Rewards.  They lowered my interest rate when I did not need to carry a balance.  Later, they raised my interest rate when I desperately needed to carry a balance.


Wish: A card tied to a huge lottery jackpot that I hope to win in the near future.

Credit Scores (FICO 8): 832 Experian January 2019 | 832 TransUnion January 2019
Credit Cards (newest to oldest): BECU Cash Back VISA $10,000 | American Express BCP $6000 | Simmons Bank VISA Platinum $7500 | Capital One No Hassle Rewards VISA Platinum $5000
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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

Well, I'm just going to cover the two years or so since I began rebuilding my credit-card portfolio.


First card - Capital One secured Platinum. I'd say it's also my "worst" card, relatively speaking, since it can't be increased after the auto-CLI I got after the 6th statement (June 2016) and it can't be combined with my Quicksilver MC (which I upgraded from an unsecured Platinum and am now investigating the possibility of combining with a QS Visa that I got a prequalified offer for yesterday, but haven't yet applied for - waiting for advice on that - with a single-figure 19.24% APR as opposed to the current QS's 25.74%).


Best card - At this time, my Penfed Power Cash Rewards Visa, which has my highest current CL ($7k), best APR next to my Apple FCU Platinum Visa, 1.5% cash back on everything. Next best is my $4.5k Discover It. UPDATE: I successfully apped for the Cap 1 QS Rewards Visa with a $10k SL and the aforementioned APR; time will tell whether this becomes the "best" card (I'm still very fond of my Penfed).


Wish card - Amex Blue Cash Everyday (UPDATE: and Synchrony Marvel Mastercard for its 5% back on bookstore purchases).

Ch 7 BK discharged 11/28/14, credit rebuild well advanced. FICO 10/15/18:TU 671 FICO 8 or 687 FICO 9/EX 694 FICO 8/EQ 685 FICO 8 or 682 FICO 9 (NFCU 9/30), VS 3.0 10/17/18: TU 702/EX 699/EQ 698. $92.9k revolving credit as of 1/31/19; $1K NFCU cashRewards Visa, $2K BJ's Perks MC, $5.1k Discover It #1, $6.5k Discover It #2 (new 3/12/18), $3.5k Petal Visa, $6k Paypal 2% CB MC, $6k Amazon Prime Store Card, $6k Walmart Store Card, $7k Apple FCU Platinum Visa, $7k Penfed Power Cash Rewards Visa, $11.8k Overstock Store Card, $15K Care Credit, $16K Cap One QS Rewards Visa Signature, $10k PenFed used car loan, $5k Navient student loan, $12.7k Lending Club loan. Gardening: 3 months, 19 days as of 1/31/19. 24 HP inqs total as of 10/12/18: 10 TU, 9 EQ, 5 EX (about half over 1 year old).
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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

A bit late for the game..


First: BofA Platinum Visa (still open 31 years as Travel Rewards card today)

Best: CSR

Worst: BCE (I never get more than 1% because I have to use it online and the merchant codes fail the categories)

Wish:  After missing Sallie Mae for the 5% Amazon I applied for Chase Amazon Prime Rewards card a few days right now I am set



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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

The first card I ever applied for was a Sears card when I was 18 at the turn of the millenium.  My parents, and grandparents, had all had a Sears card as their first cards.  Sadly, I was denied (insufficient credit history).  I then tried for Macy's, and was denied (too many credit inq's, insufficient credit history).  I was bummed... My credit was ruined before I even started!  Eventually it was Pier 1 that took a chance on me and that was my first card.


The worst card I ever had was a BoA secured card.  In fact, BoA has been the worst and most evil financial institution I've ever had to deal with.  I was originally a Huntington Bank client and became a BoA customer when Huntington was acquired.  I typically seethe with anger when I think of BoA and the horrible **bleep** they've done and are only recently having to pay the piper.


The best card I've ever had is my CSR.  No hassle or BS reward/redemption process and the best customer serice I've had for a personal card.  I can't stress enough how simple this card really is and they seem to really want to give you that 300 travel credit since just about everything is considered "travel".  And the Global Entry....  OMG.  Amex Plat can spin on it.


As far as a dream card...  I don't have one at the moment.  I'm very eager to see what the new Marriot cards are going to be.  Becase of 5/24 I've been locked out of the Marriott Rewards card.  I only got the CSR cuz it was a in branch pre approval but at least I got that sweet 100k bonus.  Anyways, I'm hoping the Marriott Amex cards will be similar in reward structure to the new Amex Hilton cards.  Thinking I'll probably get the biz card.  Anways, we'll see when everything becomes official.  I'm surprised noone has said they're waiting for the Starbucks card?!?!?  Though I've felt for a while that Starbucks was phasing out of popularity.

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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

Hope there isn't a rule for bumping threads, but this is a fun topic.


First card: I was added as an AU to a family member's Chase Freedom when I entered college. Technically the first card I had with my name on it. The first card that I opened was the lovely Capital One Journey Student credit card, with a whopping CL of $500. Dumb reckless spending had me at pretty high utilization, carried a balance, but not much damage on a $500 CL. Got bumped up to $750 and $1500 before switching it to a Quicksilver with a much higher limit (don't remember off the top of my head).


Best card: I would have to say the CSR. High CL. Straightforward points, 1.5x through UR. I don't mind the AF with the $300 travel credit and what I get in points. Haven't really maximized its potential, but definitely my "best" in terms of tier and value.


Worst card: probably my Barclaycard Rewards World MasterCard. Not a bad card per se, but I don't really use it. I have a recurring Spotify charge going to it because I don't want it to be closed. It's the remnants of the Sallie Mae MasterCard, so the age of the card isn't bad.


Wish card: nothing in particular. CSR has travel and dining covered. My Quicksilver has cashback covered. Other cards have rotating categories covered. I was eyeing a Citi Double Cash but I don't really have much use for it. My spending isn't significant enough where that 0.5% difference between CapOne QS and Citi Double Cash will make or break me.

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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

This is my first post in the forums but I've really enjoyed reading through everyone's thoughts. I would like to add that it's great to find a community of so many knowledgeable members that seem enthusiastic about sharing their experiences/advice. 


First Card: Wells Fargo Platinum $1000 CL maxed out and paid for about 4 months, wish I knew then what I know now about managing your finances.

Best Card: I'm an AMEX addict, I'd say my Platinum or Mercedes-Benz card as I use it for all my fuel and maintenance on my Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Worst Card: QS, minimal CL if any and with all my AMEX cards it's for the SD. I run my spotify subscription through it due to the current promo.

Wish Card: AMEX Centurion, I'm a member of a small business so it may be possible to reach the purchase status for a Business Centurion in the future.

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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

My first card was an "Old Navy" credit card with a 300 dollar limit, lol. Are they still around?


My best card is my Chase Sapphire Preferred. I eat out a lot and travel as an athlete with Team USA Masters. Very handy.


Worst card Some generic card that charged me close to 30% APR and was secured.


Wish? CSR. 5/24 has got me as I picked up 7 new cards in 2017. Ive got to hold tight for a while. Still sitting on an EQ 752 but cant get approved until Ive help my CSP for a year. 

AMEX Platinum-NPSL, Amex Ascend 1k SL (5/5/18), Capital One Venture Card 20K, Discover It 21.5K, MILSTAR-8K, Chase Sapphire Preferred-8K, Chase Freedom Unlimited-5k, Chase Freedom-5k, Cap One Quicksilver 4.2k. USAA AMEX-3K, USAA Preferred Cash Rewards-3K. ENT Cash Rewards-4k.
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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First card: some gas card I’m sure I defaulted on in the 90s lol. Second incarnation some off brand bank card I defaulted in in the early 2000s. And finally now that I understand credit and am more mature I have the Capitalone platinum from August 2016 that I PCed into the quicksilver.


Best Card: right now it’s the Amazon VISA Rewards. Use it for Restaurants, Amazon, Gas, and prescriptions. That’ll change when I get the Uber Visa and Citi DC this year. Already qualify but I space out what I want every six months.


worst card: None, I only get what fits my sending. I learned my lesson finally.


Wish Card: when my only derogatory paid collection falls off in two years the Simmons Bank low APR VISA. I do not travel nor spend more than 1k a month so none of the rewards cards suits me. Couldn’t spend enough for them anyways.

Starting Score: 600
Current Score: Exp = 703 Tran = 706 Equ = 710
Goal Score: 800

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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

Actual first was a Macy's card when I was 18. Ran that up to its $400 limit and never ended up paying it.


First card when I decided to try doing credit the right way was a Visa Platinum from the local credit union. Used the same HP for membership application and the card, $300 SL. That was late summer 2016, and it was just recently auto-CLI to $3000.


Best is probably the Synchrony PayPal 2% CB MasterCard, because it gets so much use. SL of $3000, currently $8000 before long. That, or my Chase AARP.


Worst is a tie between my second card, a Capital One Platinum with $300 SL, which PC'd to QS but have only gotten CLI to make it $850, and the Capital One Platinum Preferred I recently got with a $500 SL. After recently being instant approved for a $10k Chase Ritz, I would have thought it a safe bet I would get a real CL I could combine with the QS. Nope.


As for wish card, I'm not sure. I have the Amex Plat already and probably wont be keeping it once my year of no annual fee are up, and I just got the Chase Ritz-Carlton, and I'm in with most of the major banks I wanted to be in with. Wouldn't mind a CSR or CSP, but who knows if I'll ever be under 5/24 lol. I guess my biggest credit wish would be a darn CLI from Barclays on my Uber Visa. I eat out ALOT, so 4% cash back is great but I end up using another card because $800 just doesn't cut it when I don't want any cards above 10% util.

Kind of have everything I want now, creditwise. Undeliberately gardening until I have some spending to do and find a 100,000 Amex Platinum offer lol

Started my credit journey August 2016, after abstaining from credit for years after some poor financial choices in high school. Started with scores in the 580s. Current scores 11/6/18 - EQ: 754 TU: 757 EX: 743

From oldest to newest: DuPage CU Visa Platinum, SL 500 now 3750, Cap1 Platinum SL 300 PC'd to QS now 1600, Alliant Credit Union Share Secured Loan $500, Amex BCE SL 5000 now 600, Neiman Marcus SL 700 now 10000, Target RedCard SL 400 now 2900, Amex ED SL 10000 now 500 (combined with Cash Magnet), Chase AARP SL 800 now 3300, Chase Amazon Prime SL 1000 now 10000, Honda Lease, Discover it SL 1000 now 7000, Synchrony PayPal 2% CB SL 3000 now 10000, Barclays Uber Visa SL 800 now 2100, Citi ThankYou Preferred SL 3300 now 5300, Chase Ritz-Carlton SL 10000 now 1500 (moved to other cards to get annual fee refund), Comenity Total Rewards Visa SL 2000 now 3250, US Bank Cash+ SL 500 recon'd to 10000, US Bank Reserve LOC 1000, Union Bank Rewards Visa SL 5000 now 5000, Amex Cash Magnet SL 9900 now 20000, Cap1 Venture SL 10000 now 10000, Discover it 3000 SL now 4000, Amex SPG Luxury 3100 SL now 3100, Amex Amazon Business Prime 10000 SL now 10000, Amex Gold NPSL, US Bank Premier LOC 5000, US Bank Visa Platinum 5400 SL currently reconning

Combined revolving CL $135,300

Goal: Spring 2019 800+ club, $50,000 combined Amex limit
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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First. CompUSA joint account with Mom so I could get a laptop for college. Young and dumb didn't pay a dime. Mom caught it before it got bad and paid/closed it. I've since paid her back.
First on my own us bank secured at 500. Allowed me to get back on my feet after screwing up a second time with a car loan and snap on account.

Best amex BCE.

Worst us bank Platinum. 500 CL and no cli without HP.

Wish Amex Platinum. I know I can get it but I want the cash on hand so I can get that sweet sweet spend bonus.
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