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First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

TheCreditGame wrote:

jfriend33 wrote:

The first: Care Credit but as far as major credit cards go that would be Credit One

The best: This is a tossup. I'd almost be inclined to just say Discover, simply bc they started me at a 15k CL, they have great customer service, good perks, cashback deals that get even better when redeemed for gift cards, and card always functions as a 4.99% card.... if it weren't for all of these, I'd say Amex or BOA.

The worst: Capital one.  Taken 3 yrs to get to 11k, started at 1k, have APR higher than a friend with sub 600 scores (26.xx%)

The dream: Amex Zync w/ Packs, Citi Fwd b4 its benefits were slashed to pair w/ Prestige. Or FNBO 1.5% cashback single digit amex that @galahad15 and a few others have.


To the OP @TheCreditGame you could benefit from a credit union like NFCU. 




I am not a veteran.

If you have a family member who was or is currently in the armed forces, you would qualify for membership. 

Gardening until...

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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First Card...random Chase Visa. No idea what it was called back then (1993), but it morphed into a Freedom eventually. 


Best Card...probably my CSP, which I foolishly closed. I underestimated how much I'd be traveling in the future, and it would be so helpful to still have it now. My Capital One Venture card is at least metal and came with a good sign-up bonus, but the CSP's ability to transfer to Southwest is a huge bonus for me. Live and learn.


Worst Card...Chase Disney Visa. I had the non-fee and closed it. Still have the AF version, but will close it before the fee hits again. They're good for sign-up bonuses ($200 Disney gift cards for each, which was $400 off tickets for a recent Disney trip), but pretty useless otherwise. 


Wish Card...a new CSP. I won't screw up and close it this time. 

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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First: Citi Forward

Best: Citi Double Cash

Worst: Citi Forward

Wish: Citi Costco Anywhere


Lots of Citi up there Smiley Surprised I am really enjoying my new Uber VISA too!

Goals: FICO of 800+
Garden Club Member: 12/2017 to infinity and beyond
As of 09/2018: EX09 787 | EX08 767 | TU08 760 | EQBank08 755
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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First: Wells Fargo secured credit card opened at 19 years of age. Didn't know anything about credit or utilization and used my whole credit line of 2K and couldn't repay fast enough so I decided to cancel it and let the deposit pay for it so it could zero out.


Best: Oooooh so hard for this one...I have chopped all of my cards down to four good ones. Quality not quantity. I would say between Citi Costco(looking to chop once I get my wish card)-8,500, Amex BCP-7,000 and EDP-5,000, and lastly Discover IT-7,000, my best card is probably Discover IT because of how fast it has grown and the endless balance transfer offers as well as the great customer service that I receive.


Worst: Credit One by far because of the service and fees besides that they were my first lender to give me an unsecured credit card so I don't hold a grudge against them just not my best card. CLOSED Smiley Happy


Wish: Citi Double Cash, I have always had my eyes on this card but my inquiries and new accounts have stopped me from it. However I officially joined the garden and been there for a little over a month and plan on staying here for at least 6 months realistically 9 months and hopefully 12 months with my next app being the DC. Age now is 21.

Discover IT-21,000
Amex Cash Magnet-11,500
Citi Costco-8,500
US Bank Cash+-5,000
Ashley Furniture-22,000
Amazon Prime-1,600
Patelco OLOC-500
Amex Personal Loan- 6K@12.97% for 36 months
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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

first card: Discover IT as soon as I turned 18. (5% quarterly can't go wrong)

best: AmEx BCE, always at the grocery store with it.. 3% Smiley Happy

worst: none

wish: Chase Freedom

Discover IT $6,000 - 09/16
Amex Cash Magnet $18,000 - 07/17
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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First card - early 90's don't remember most likely a store card. Like Sear.
Best card - CSR, SL 30k, 100k bonus, 2 $300 travel credit. Yes I renew. Only dislike not market as luxury or status for such a high AD.
Worst card - I really like all my present cards. Even my oldest capital 1 Quicksilver low limit but true to the game.
Wish - none, was thinking about getting a Amex card, but hate their restrictive redeem model. Example every $25 for cash back. Platinum travel credit Name your airline, not on flight, 5x pts. book direct with airlines, or higher with them. I cancel.
1. Chase Sapphire Resever - 30k
2. Bank of America Reward - 15k
3. Chase Freedom Unlimited - 13k
4.Capital One Quicksilver - 4k
1. Luxuary Black Card - 10k
2. Citibank Double Cash - 6.6k
3. Citi Diamond Preferred - 14k
4. Barclaycard Juniper Platinum - 3.9k
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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First:  Some sort of Capital One Card with a SL of $500 way back when ~ Defaulted & Charged off 15+ years ago (now have over $100k in CL with CapOne)

Best:  Citi Double Cash ~ Best all around

Worst:  Discover It ~ For the simple fact that I could never get a CLI.  I gave up and still have it ~ worst CL at $6.7k

Wish:  J.P. Morgan Reserve ~ Which will likely never happen as we have no Chase branches anywhere around.

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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First: Some CapitalOne card that had a $2,000 CL -- was right out of high school. Maxed it out and never paid a cent. Smiley Embarassed Fortunately that's off my record now.


Best: TIE. Uber VISA because I spend a lot at restaurants/bars AND my BofA Cash Rewards (I get a 75% multiplier on gas and groceries, so 5.25% cash back with gas and 3.5% on groceries & 1.75% everywhere else)


Worst: HSBC Platinum Rewards. Outside of the initial spend bonus I had NO IDEA how the rewards worked, even after reading the literature. Closed it a couple of months ago.


Wish: CSR. Hands-down.

In order of use: AmEx (Platinum) | Barclays Uber VS | BofA/ML (Merrill+ VS, Cash Rewards VS) | Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select WEMC | Discover | Chase | NFCU

TU 704, EX 700, EQ 676 (11/30/2017)
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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

My first card- United MileagePlus Explorer. In branch preapproval and got it. 

Best card- PRG. MRs making machine and it looks cool.

Worst card- Amex blue. I thought I was getting BCE but it was a mistake app. Cancelled it a month later.

Wish card- CSR. All about that 5/24.

Chase Hyatt | Chase Freedom | Amex ED | Discover IT Miles | Amex SPG
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Re: First Card, Best Card, Worst Card, Wish Card

First card Mervyns 1993 $300 Maybe best card, definitely most used, my chase freedom Cap1 QS should arrive this week so will see if it becomes my new go to card I would be happy with a CSP Just remembered my BEST card ever was and Advanta Bank business card. I received an offer in the mail. Filled out the old school paper form and mailed it in. 2 weeks later received their business card with 100k limit. My score at the time was probably low 600. I now see why the DFI had to shut them down in 2010. I was sad to lose that card, as no banks stepped up to take over their accounts.
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