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Goldman Sachs Card Release is Vintage Apple!

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Goldman Sachs Card Release is Vintage Apple!

You know those long lines at Apple stores to get the latest model of the iPhone or iPad? It strikes me we're seeing the credit card equivalent of that now with the new Apple card!


By making the new Apple card available "by invitation only", Apple has all of us lined up at the virtual store. Because the card seems exclusively available to a few, we all want it. That it's an illusion created by Apple doesn't matter. We're all dutifully signing up to get the invitation and enjoy the "privilege" of applying for a card that has only mediocre benefits compared to many others we've reviewed here! Well done, Apple! Your marketing department deserves another trophy.


Of course, I'll admit I was one of those early adopters right along with many others here. Would I have applied for the Apple card absent the "invitation" hype and the mad rush here? Perhaps not. Still, I do buy a lot of Apple gear so perhaps the card will eventually prove useful after all... It just won't be my daily driver. Of course, YMMV!


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Re: Goldman Sachs Card Release is Vintage Apple!

I am confused about the apple card but then again I don't have an iphone.

WHAT are the benefits?

Last time I looked the rewards were far from impressive.

What am I missing here?

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Re: Goldman Sachs Card Release is Vintage Apple!

Very true. Someone else on this forum coined the term “iLemming” and I am definitely that lol. 

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