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Good luck to Kansas City...

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Good luck to Kansas City...

To Royals Fans, tonight could be your first championship in 30 years!  While I'm not a Royals fan per se, I love the way they play the game.  Power pitching with "stuff," make contact and don't strike out, run the bases like Willie Mays, and range on defense.  Big fan of Mr. Ned Yost--one of the truly "good" guys in baseball.  


Home runs are for ESPN highlights and All-Star game accolades, but baseball fundamentals and "playing the game right" wins Championships.  Ironically, the Royals, an American league team, are playing the brand of old National League baseball that I both cherish and grew up with.


*Edited*  PS - If it's over, Mets fans, don't despair.  This is one of the best young pitching staffs I could recall seeing over the past 30 years.  If they stay healthy, I have a feeling the Mets will be WS contenders for years to come.

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Re: Good luck to Kansas City...

GOOOOOOO KC!!!!! yes!!!! Smiley Happy

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Re: Good luck to Kansas City...

It looks like the Kansas City Royals came from behind and won the game in extra innings.


They are the World Series Champions!


Final Score 7 to 2, Royals.


Congrats to the KC Fans!



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Re: Good luck to Kansas City...



my fam = huge fans...     i was born in KC  

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