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Has your employer ever tried to stiff you on sick pay?

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Has your employer ever tried to stiff you on sick pay?

If so, check your state's Sick Pay policies, I just got $350 from my employer for trying to stiff me for 1 day's sick pay. Smiley Tongue


I'm in my late 60s, semi retired, and work part time for the local county. In late March I went to bed and woke up with chest pains and shortness of breath. I got up and sat in a chair and after a couple minutes decided it wasn't a heart attack but that something was seriously wrong and called 911. I ended up in a hospital for 4 days, it was Afib, irregular heart beat. I was lying in the ER waiting for a hospital room and around 6am I remembered that I was scheduled to work at 8am, so I texted my supervisor that I was in the hospital ER and couldn't work that day, fulfilling the county policy that you notify them in advance you are taking a sick day.


Thankfully everything worked out fine. no problems since, but when I got my next paycheck I noticed they hadn't paid for that day I called in sick from the ER. I normally work 3 days a week and that week they asked me to work and extra day, so I had already worked 3 days that week before the 911 trip to the hospital. So they claimed that "county policy" is that once you have worked your regular schedule for that week you are not eligible for any sick pay. I asked if I had worked that day would they not have paid me? They wouldn't budge, no sick pay.


It just really ticked me off that I went to the trouble of notifying them from the ER and they refused to pay me, so I researched things. In Arizona we have a state Industrial Commission with a Labor Division that handles unpaid wages & sick pay. The law is very clear: If you are scheduled to work and accordingly eligible to be paid you are eligible to take that day as a sick day. And the penalty for not paying you sick pay is the amount of unpaid sick pay, plus 3 times that amount as a penalty, plus interest. So I filed a claim with the Industrial Commission. I knew the county got the claim a couple weeks ago as they suddenly came around posting new notices of the state sick pay policy posted in the employee area with the minimum wage, work comp., etc. notices. And yesterday the check came in the mail. Smiley Wink


And they've been really, really nice to me - there's also a state law with severe penalties for any retaliatory action against any employee who files a claim for unpaid wages or sick pay.  I'm really surprised the local county would try to stiff me like that, I imagine it's worse with private employers - don't let them get away with it!

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Re: Has your employer ever tried to stiff you on sick pay?

Free cars, free paydays! Dude, you are my hero!!


@DaveInAZ wrote:

I imagine it's worse with private employers - don't let them get away with it!

Don't get me started with private employers. In my experience, a private employer typically has a "we don't practice what we preach" policy. The preaching is only there on paper in case legal/HR has to get involved. And than corporate pretends to be shocked at what has been going on all these years at a particular location.


My employer has multiple locations across the country. I had a situation where I found out (ahead of time) that my location was downsizing the amount of people with my title/position. I just happen to be temporarily helping out at a different new location because they had ZERO people with my title/position. I asked them if they would take me as a permanent transfer and they said yes because they loved me. My current managent denied the transfer because "I was one of the best employees" they had ever seen. I pleaded with my management to let me go as I did not want to lose muy position. They told me to shut up and get over it and that I was going nowhere. I complained to corporate and they did nothing. Actually, they sent the management (that I was complaining about) after me. I lost my title (basically demoted) and blacklisted for several years until they rotated management. My loss (while the harassing management was there) was in the neighborhood of $50,000.


I apologize and I did not intend to takeover your thread, but as you can tell, employer injustices really, really, burn my hide.

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