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Here's........ Shogun!

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Re: Here's........ Shogun!

@pipeguy wrote:

@Shogun wrote:

pipeguy wrote:

define "old guy" .... Smiley Wink

Defined....   lol!

Got it....age and time in grade - guilty and just checking.  Though if might be "senior status" on here - not there just yet. 


Gotta say I go like to see the experienced post on here a bit rather than just "New Visitors" interested in buying $80k cars with 615 credit scores and $35k annual incomes. 

Even Pizza hardly ever posts anymore now that she's "all recovered" ... heh.

LOLOL!!! oh pipeguy....Im still around, and yes not posting as much for a few reasons. But, Ive been "all recovered " for like 3 1/2 yrs now, LOL Smiley Wink

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Re: Here's........ Shogun!

Yo shogun. remember when i was that annoying rookie, but now im that veteran that sometiems drops by and helps.

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