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How many credit cards do you have?

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Re: How many credit cards do you have?

5 Credit Cards

Amex blue cash everyday

Discover it

Chase Freedom

Barclays nfl card

Bank card


1 Charge Card

PRG Amex (latest one)


At age 21. I don't plan on applying for another one for years and I mean YEARS

Amex PRG: NPSL | Amex Blue Cash Everyday: $15,300 | Navy FCU Cash Rewards: $19,500 | Chase Marriott Rewards: $7,500
Chase Freedom: $5000 | Discover It: $5000 | Barclays Extra Points: $5000
23 year old building credit since age 17. FICO: 783
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Re: How many credit cards do you have?

I have around 15. Working to reduce this to under 10.

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Re: How many credit cards do you have?

Only have 4 Credit Cards Open at this ime and it has been 4yrs since I last opened one (info in sig)... looks like in mar-apr I will open 2 new ones an AMEX (could be backdated to 2007 corporate or 2005 if AU path) and United MP Club (i like metal cards and fly united exclusively)

[BofA Rewards Amex - $60,000 - Open 2006]
[Chase Marriott Rewards Visa - $25,900 - Open 2008]
[Chase United Visa - $30,000 - Open 2015]
[Citibank DC Mastercard - $13,200 - Open 2011]
[Amex EP - $6,000 - Open 2016]
[Capital One Venture Platinum Visa - $5,000 - Open 2007]
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Re: How many credit cards do you have?

15 cards (1 AU), 50k limit.

$12500 Discover IT since 12/2012$3000 SunTrust Cash Rewards MasterCard 02/2013-02/2015 Closed$7100 Citi Forward Visa since 10/2013$9000 Capital One QuickSilver World MasterCard since 10/2013$10100 BankAmericard Cash Rewards Signature Visa since 01/2014$6800 Citi Dividend World Elite MasterCard since 01/2014$1500 Merrick Bank Visa since 04/2014$24000 American Express Blue Cash Everyday since 07/2014$700 Target REDcard by TD Bank since 08/2014$4400 Citi Double Cash World MasterCard since 09/2014$5500 Chase Freedom Visa since 11/2014$10000 U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature since 01/2015$7500 Ebates Cash Back Visa since 01/2015$5000 Priceline Rewards Visa by Barclays since 02/2015$9000 Overstock Store Card by Comenity since 02/2015$5000 Sallie Mae World MasterCard by Barclays since 08/2015$6400 Citi Prestige World Elite MasterCard since 08/2015$2500 BankAmericard Travel Rewards since 08/2015$7500 Discover it Miles since 09/2015
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