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How to add picture or images (Not credit cards)

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How to add picture or images (Not credit cards)

I noticed some members have what appears to be a snippet of their scores in their signature.  Maybe from their myFICO account page or from their report.  I do have the tags but wanted to try out my scores.  How is this done?  I've found posts about CC but it doesn't appear to be the same process???


Example of what I'm looking to add to my signature.  (EQ server was done when my report was generated Smiley Frustrated)

Scores as of 04 09.png

FICO - 8: 09/09/21 AU 8 BC 8
FICO - 9: 09/09/21 AU 9 BC 9
F5,F4,F2 09/09/21 AU... BC...
Vantage 09/09/21
As of 09/01/21:
AoOA - 25Y6M | AoYA – 0Y10M | AAoA – 12Y4M
Open: 11 CC: (1 reporting 2.84% : 0.25% AGG UTL) | 1 PLOC | 1 MTG loan: 46.89% UTL
Closed: 1 MTG loan | 2 Auto loans | (EQ) 2 CC, (EX & TU) 1 CC
INQ: (EQ) 0/24 | (TU) 1/24 | (EX) 1/24
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