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I Must Say.....

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Re: I Must Say.....

@EverForward wrote:

New rebuilder here and already quite addicted to learning as much as possible, rebuilding my credit, and improving my scores. Signed up to WalletHub this morning thanks to this thread. I have been on this forum multiple times a day researching trending topics. I signed up for Experian 5 days ago for trial to obtain my 3 credit report scores. I love the open knowledge sharing here. Credit scores have such an impact on people's lives.

I agree. I really like this website. 

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Re: I Must Say.....

@joeyv1985 wrote:

ever since I signed up with Credit Karma and, I'm practically "obsessed" with my credit score. It's the first thing I check when I get up in the morning, and I will log in and check it throughout the day. Every 2 pt drop is met with words I care not to repeat and if the score goes the other way, well let's just say I hop out of bed with a little more vigor so to speak. Anybody else do this? Check on their credit scores multiple times a day?

I just can't help myself now. 

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