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I’m one year into my rebuild after BK7...


I’m one year into my rebuild after BK7...

...and it’s going okay.

Scores are back up to the mid 600’s but still fluctuate occasionally.

I’ve posted my scores in my siggy and wondered how often those in my same situation UPDATE their siggy scores?

This might be a silly question but I was bored at work and missed you guys!

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Re: I’m one year into my rebuild after BK7...

I update my scores every time they change. Could be weekly, or monthly. I'm kind of addicted to checking though 😂
BK7 DC 1/2/2018

Inquiries: Ex 4, TU 9, Eq 11; AAoA: 4 yrs; Gardening til 2019
Wishlist cards: Walmart, Amazon
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Re: I’m one year into my rebuild after BK7...

You know I check my scores twice a day. 😂 it’s funny but it’s my drug. I update my sight scores every months. 👍
Date 07/01/2018

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Re: I’m one year into my rebuild after BK7...

I'm about twenty months now into seriously working on my rebuild; I got my (now-closed) Capital One secured Platinum at the end of 2015, but didn't really start thinking seriously about rebuilding credit until Thanksgiving 2016 when I got my Amazon Store Card. At this point, actually, when I have ten cards totalling $81,800 in revolving credit, I'm not sure if I technically count as a "rebuilder" anymore. Anyway, I do try to update the scores in my signature as often as I can, though I sometimes forget especially if the change is just a couple of points one way or another.

Ch 7 BK discharged 11/28/14, credit rebuild well advanced. FICO 9/13/18:TU 664 FICO 8 or 687 FICO 9/EX 697 FICO 8/EQ 685 FICO 8 or 682 FICO 9 (Penfed 6/12), VS 3.0 9/20/18: TU 707/EX 699/EQ 709. $84,600 revolving credit as of 9/20/18; $1K NFCU cashRewards Visa, $4.8k Discover It, $5.5k Discover It #2 (new 3/12/18), $6k Paypal 2% CB MC, $6k Amazon Prime Store Card, $6k Walmart Store Card, $7k Apple FCU Platinum Visa, $7k Penfed Power Cash Rewards Visa, $10.3k Overstock Store Card, $15K Care Credit, $16K Cap One QS Rewards Visa Signature, $10k PenFed used car loan, $5k Navient student loan, $12.7k Lending Club loan. Gardening: RESET THE CLOCK!!! 22 HP inqs total as of 8/29/18: 10 TU, 8 EQ, 4 EX (about half over 1 year old).
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