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Just smack me!

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Just smack me!

Ok, not literally, that will hurt.


I had *thought* I had a $500 CREDIT on the credit card.  Yeah me!  So I allowed DH and I to purchase much needed running shoes.   (You see, we are avid runners FROM debt.  Our last pair of running shoes were bought several years ago and were very wore out, splitting, and had holes in the top parts.)   It's a good thing that we are avid runners FROM debt, becuase I was mistaken!   I didn't have a credit on the cc.   Smiley Mad      BUT I was able to cash in some points and in the next few weeks, those points will be reflected as a credit.  


And I had thought I had used the same cc that I thought I had a credit on to purchase a chainsaw and fence repair mending stuffs.   The storms took out some trees, which took out parts of the fence.   You already know where this is going, right?   Another duh moment.  Unfortunately, I do not have any more points to convert to cash for that card.  Smiley Sad   I used Amex.   Gosh darn it.  Now I gotta be cc creative again!


On the bright side, I have a new power tool.  Smiley Happy   And I will be fixing the fences myself after I cut up the wood.  Smiley Happy   And if Mr. Duh ever finds me, I have protection.  Smiley LOL


So in the end, things will be ok, and I will be eating rice for a bit longer.  

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Re: Just smack me!

yes good,bad, or indifferent it does work out. Good for you!

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Re: Just smack me!

Things always work out, but not always as we want.  Smiley Happy

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