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Key Bank $200 Promo

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Key Bank $200 Promo

I was a little late to a Key Bank $200 promo that ran until 9/20 however they have extended it for people who have referal codes. So if you currently are with Key Bank and have a referral code you could also earn $50 too at least that was my understaning. Anyway would love the deal and also would love to share the wealth too Smiley Happy 




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Re: Key Bank $200 Promo

Hey there, Key Employee here =)


The 200 promo ended but just as you said the referral code one is still going. All you need is for someone who has an account to go on their online banking, and click the button on the right side. THey have to give you the code and then you come into the branch and open an account. After 90 days and I believe it is a 500 dollar Direct Deposit within the first 60 days, you get 200 and your "friend" gets 50 =) This deal ends today though in my area =(

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