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New AMEX Plum Card Design ?

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New AMEX Plum Card Design ?

I caugth a glimpse of the Plum AMEX card, via my facebook feed from AMEX "Check if your business credit pre-qualifies"- Also when I google it...I see this image as well.


Can anyoen confirm or deny ?


Thank You


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Re: New AMEX Plum Card Design ?

Looks right except for the card number being on the front rather than the back like most new cards
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Re: New AMEX Plum Card Design ?

The Plum Card from American Express


The current design on the application page, for comparison.


It must be a major inconvenience when someone hits their purchasing power limit on this! Not only would someone be out the annual fee, but they might have a make a big payment before they expected to...and they might not even earn rewards in the process.

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