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New AMEX metal *GOLD* cards!

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Re: AMEX ROSE Gold Back!!

You simply talk to them in chat and you'll get the rose gold in a matter of a couple minutes. You can't have gold and rose gold. It's one or the other. You can least product change back to the regular gold though. It doesn't impact your credit or account in any way but just the appearance. If you wanted to say have rose gold for yourself and regular gold for an additional cardholder, you could first make sure the additional cardholder has the regular gold and then product change via chat for rose gold and request a replacement card for you. The additional cardholder will still have the regular gold until it expires. But basically once you are in rose gold, you can't request a regular gold for someone without changing your account back to regular. There's technically no limit on changing back and forth but it would be overkill to constantly get replacement cards.

In terms of using your old gold card on top of a rose gold replacement, usually your old card still works even though the Expiration and code is different. It may eventually stop working but you could use both simultaneously just remember to match up the right expiry and CVV etc with online transactions. I've done this with an old and new platinum version. 

You can't add yourself as an additional cardholder though because it requires a different SSN to register the account which would then show up on that persons credit report. If not added at start, you have 60 days to add the SS number to a new additional card or it'll automatically be canceled. 

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AMEX Rose Gold is Now Permanent!

It's exciting to see American Express bringing the Rose Gold card up to permanent status. I hit up a rep via live chat last night and had my Gold cards PC'd to the Rose Gold. 

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Re: New AMEX metal *GOLD* cards!

Looks like it's only a matter of time before my post in the Credit Cards forum is moved here lol. 


PC'd my Golds to Rose last night! 

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Re: Current Amex Gold cardholders can now switch to the Rose Gold card

@newnew2015 wrote:

I was wondering where my post went. For future reference why was this moved? Would it have had too many posts to be its own post @FinStar  ? 

Any discussions associated with the aesthetics, texture, new design, redesign, re-introduction of previous design, etc., etc., belongs in the Smorgasboard section @newnew2015.  


Since there's an existing thread/topic addressing the redesigned Gold Card and/or Rose Gold Card, that's why it was merged.  There is no necessity for a new thread.

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Re: Current Amex Gold cardholders can now switch to the Rose Gold card


i guess I should have named my post something else. It wasn't just about aesthetics, texture, design. I mentioned the product returning, asked how long it would be around and recommendations for apping for a new account a few months after opening one with Amex but ok.  Smiley Happy 

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AMEX Rose Gold Card Is Back

Why didn't you guys tell me the Rose Gold card was back? Smiley LOL  I've been waiting for a while. I trust you guys to let me know when this stuff happens. Smiley Wink


But seriously. I was looking to PC one of my two Platinum cards and when I saw this on the Amex website, I PC'd post haste. Took less than a minute. The Rose Gold cards will arrive in 7-10 business days. No rush. But kinda excited to see rose gold up close. 

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