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New AMEX metal *GOLD* cards!

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Re: Amex Rose Gold is back with a referral.

yeah, and you can get more MR's @ 50K w/o it and applying through incognito.

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Re: Amex Rose Gold is back with a referral.

Existing Gold holders can change to it if they prefer it.  New Gold applications can get approved and then change to it as well.  Technically, the referral isn't needed.


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Re: AMEX Gold still worth it?

Is there a wait period before I can request a replacement card?


I received the regular Gold originally.  Then a month later they brought back the Rose Gold option.  Just received it and there's a small scratch/scuff that won't rub out to the right of my name.


If I need replacement cards past the new limited window to request the Rose Gold card, will replacements still come in Rose Gold or regular Gold?

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