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New AMEX metal *GOLD* cards!

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Re: Amex gold metal card

Yes, all AUs get the metal card.

Rose Gold NPSL | BCP | Delta Gold | Hilton Surpass | Hilton Honors | IT Cash | IT Chrome | Quicksilver | Target | VS | Home Depot | Lowes | Firestone | Wayfair | Overstock | Kohl’s

5/24, 1/24, 76445/24, who cares #HappyWithAmex

Entering the garden 5/27/2019, staying until 2020
(Lol so much for that grand plan...)
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Re: Amex gold metal card

Is it heavy like the Apple Card ?
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Re: Amex gold metal card

@Jccflat, just FYI, any discussion associated with the aesthetics belongs in the SmorgasBoard section of the forums. Your thread has been merged with the existing discussion.

As far as inquiries, like any other lender, those will be a factor in AmEx's decision. There is no exact number to go by honestly as there are too many variables to consider.
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