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New Blue Cash Everyday Card


New Blue Cash Everyday Card

The day after the new BCE card was released I hit the chat feature in the Amex app to see if they were sending new cards or if I had to request one.  Requested a replacement. They checked to make sure I would get the new design. Received it yesterday.


The white-ish part is Semi transparent. 


This is so much better than the blue square. 

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Re: New Blue Cash Everyday Card

ooh, now I'm looking forward to getting my BCE card! I PC'd from BCP after getting the Gold, the redesign was a nice surprise.

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Re: New Blue Cash Everyday Card

That's so pretty.  I wish they would do almost anything with the ED/EDP.  

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Re: New Blue Cash Everyday Card

Yep even though I don't have it I'm glad they finally changed that ugly card design. Maybe I will get it now lol. But I do have the AmEx BCP card and I've always said that it's design is one of the coolest looking cards out there.



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Re: New Blue Cash Everyday Card

I was able to PC my old Blue from American Express (1 MR for every $1 spent) to the updated BCE two weeks ago. 


I received the card, and thanks to OPs picture, I was not surprised or disappointed by the opaque part of the design. One really must hold it up to the light to see through the card, a good thing IMHO. 


One thing that I have not seen mentioned here is that the newer American Express design language for Cash Magnet, BCP and now BCE is that it is a modernized update to the old Optima design:




In the case of BCE, the new design pays homage to the 1999 era see-through next to our friend the Centurion, as well as to the old Optima, which was Amex's first credit card. 


I am very happy that the old, clear and blue square design is gone. I wonder now how long (if at all) it will take for the Everyday and Everyday Preferred cards to get overhauled. I would like to see the program updated to be the exact same as the Cash equivalent cards-only with MR points. Similar to Blue Business Cash and Blue Business Plus-they earn the same multiplier but one is cash and the other is points. As far as design, Amex Australia has a silver card similar to our Blue cards. This is what a resdesigned ED could look like:



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Re: New Blue Cash Everyday Card

Not me. I love the look of the ED/EDP.  The clear look is the coolest thing 

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Re: New Blue Cash Everyday Card

Wow that looks really cool. Now I want one lol. Apparently the everyday cards are transparent too, not obvious on the AMEX website.

I think a lot of AMEX cards look better in person. The BCP doesn't look that good on the website too but in person I think my BCP is the best looking card I ever had.

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Re: New Blue Cash Everyday Card

Hopefully they change the BCP... I like it, but that light blue looks too clean. 

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Re: New Blue Cash Everyday Card

I like how they added the transparent part to the new design! The old BCP with mostly transparent was very cool looking like Amex EveryDay, but the newer design is nice. Now if they merge the old and new looks, very cool indeed 😎

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Re: New Blue Cash Everyday Card

Yeah, @CYBERSAM I think it's growing on me. I wouldn't be mad if they updated it  🙂

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