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New USAA Preferred Cash Rewards Card Design

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New USAA Preferred Cash Rewards Card Design

So I was looking around on USAA website and I saw that the cashback card (1.5%) has a new look. I absolutely hate it. Any thoughts? I'll try and post the pic also. I'm not sure I can even post photos yet, but trust me it's awful. 

AMEX Blue Cash Everyday: 4,000 l AMEX Cash Magnet: 2,700 l AMEX Everyday: 1,000 l AMEX Green: NPSL l AMEX Gold: NPSL | Apple Card: 2,500 l Bank of America BankAmericard 3,100 l BECU Cashback:18,500 l Capital One Quicksilver: 1,000 | Capital One Quicksilver(2): 1,000 | Capital One Walmart: 10,000 l Chase Freedom: 2,000 l Chase Sapphire Preferred: 4,000 l Chase Slate: 1,000 l Citi BestBuy: 15,000 l Citi Rewards Plus: 5,570 l Discover it: 16,900 l Discover Gas & Restaurant: 6,000 l DCU Platinum: 700 l FNBO Evergreen: 15,000 l FordPass Rewards: 11,300 l Navy Federal Cash Rewards: 31,500 l Navy Federal More Rewards: 21,500 l Navy Federal Platinum: 27,000 l Overstock: 2,250 l PayPal Credit: 3,100 l PenFed Platinum Rewards: 15,000 l PNC Cash Rewards Visa: 3,900 l PNC Points Visa: 2,800 l PNC Points Visa (2): 1,100 l Renasant Bank: 18,000 l Sams Club Mastercard: 5,000 l Target: 2,200 l USAA Cashback Rewards Plus: 5,000 l USAA Preferred Cash Rewards: 13,000 l USAA Rewards AMEX: 2,000 l Wells Fargo Platinum: 1,000 l Wells Fargo Propel: 7,300
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Re: New USAA Preferred Cash Rewards Card Design

Yes, they recently updated their Visa cards with a new look and added the contactless feature:



I won't go as far to say that it is awful, but I have to agree it would not have been my first choice. USAA historically has been known for ugly designs to be honest. That changed (in my opinion) in 2015 when they introduced their-now old, design language. I thought it looked classy and masculine. The Visa's were all blue with contrasting silver with a slight design change for Preferred Rate, Preferred Cash and USAA Rewards and all had the small gold stars. The Amex's were the inverse, being silver with contasting blue. Limitless was gray brushed metal and the USAA Rewards Amex version was changed to be a blue brushed metal, but I felt they were all classy designs. 


I am not even sure what the new design is supposed to be, a star constellation? 


At the end of the day I am thankful for 1) it is NOT vertical and 2) it finally has contactless. 


However, since they changed my Limitless to the Preferred Cash Back, my USAA will be sockdrawered once the 2.5% cash back reverts to 1.5% cash back on January 1st. 


My replacement debit card came in the mail last week-same (old/current) design although the middle of the card is white and no longer red. No contactless. However, I believe by the end of the year the Amex's and debit cards will also be redesigned. 


Overall, I do not hate the new design but it was a shock to see it changed given I liked the old design language so much. Just so thankful it is not vertical. 

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Re: New USAA Preferred Cash Rewards Card Design


I wonder how much someone got paid to come up with this design. 



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Re: New USAA Preferred Cash Rewards Card Design

I received the new card recently.  I'm ok with it.  I'm happy it is contactless.  That isn't a big deal stateside but tap to pay is convenient when travelling.

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