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Penfed credit card shipping times

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Re: Penfed credit card shipping times

@4sallypat wrote:

My Visa Gold card arrived exactly 1 week after approval.


The issue is that their website is bit wonky -  keeps saying card is conditional.


Activation was messed up - web and mobile app activation did not work. Had to call into a human.


Finally approved a day later.

I have that same message of "Conditionally approved"!   Took 10 days to get my card in the mail yesterday.

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Re: Penfed credit card shipping times

For images of US Mail,  I would enroll here:


Amazon Prime Store 10,000
Apple Card GS 14,000
CapOne QS 30,000
CapOne Savor 5,000
Citi Custom Cash 8,000
Discover It 20,500
Target Redcard MC 13,000
WF Active Cash 17,000
WF Propel 21,000

Elan Smart Business Rewards 10,000
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