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Photobucket - Your account has been restricted for 3rd party hosting

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Photobucket - Your account has been restricted for 3rd party hosting

For those MyFico'ers who like the fancy signatures with images of their CCs, I see more & more of them with this image:



I got this last week from Photobucket, along with daily emails saying "Your account has been restricted for 3rd party hosting", with a button to click to "Upgrade" - to an account ranging from $60-$400 per year. Are they out of their minds??? For the 2 or 3 sites I link my dozen Photbucket pics to??? I went to their site, hadn't been there in ages, to try to figure out how much bandwidth my free account is supposed to have. The site has become almost unusable with so many ads and popup windows, including one trying to get me to pay $2.99/mo. just to not have ads. I couldn't find any info on how much bandwidth the free accounts are supposed to have, but they only give that info for the paid accounts. But according to Wikipedia the free accounts are supposed to have 2GB of storage and 10GB of bandwidth. There is no way the little pics of CCs use anywhere near that amount.


So my solution was to immediately close my account. I have my own hosted website, just a placeholder for a web page. I got it last year for email after my primary email account from my ISP got on the spammers list and was getting 20-30 spam emails/day. Hosting my  own website enabled me to make a bunch of email accounts, one for banking, one for shopping, one for friends, & one for family and really close friends that I trust to not forward a stupid joke to 30 people with all of our email addresses showing. Anyway, it was easy to just upload my pics to a directory on my site and then change my signature to link the image source to my site instead of Photobucket.


I'll let others post about their preferred alternative hosting site over Photobucket, such as flickr, etc. But I highly recommend you don't submit to Photbucket's attempt at extortion, to make us upgrade to a paid account just for the minor benefit they offer and tiny bandwidth we use. So long Photobucket, I won't miss ya!

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Re: Photobucket - Your account has been restricted for 3rd party hosting

What a pain! This happened to me too. These signatures have just been too much work; between card imagines disappearing, having to add the width and now this. No more signature for me! 

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