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Polite way to ask if someone's kid is "special"?

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Polite way to ask if someone's kid is "special"?

Downstairs kid runs, stomps, and jumps all day. Can't get any work done because he shakes the house. Obviously, I don't want to be that tenant but it's gotten old.

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Re: Polite way to ask if someone's kid is "special"?

Kids are kids.  They do Mod Cut like that all of the time.  And they should. 


They grow out of it, just like you and I did (and everyone else on these boards). 


I'm not preaching here, either.  Kids are great (in small doses, and as long as they're not mine).   I don't know how my parents ever stood me, as a child or as an adult, (allegedly).


Since you're trying to work at home, and if the kid is old enough, buy him a PlayStation or an XBox, if it's worth it to you.  Probably deductible, too, since it's work related expenses. 


He/she will sit on its arse all day long from then on, until old enough for a phone he/she can tweet/facebook/whatever on a "social" network involving screen names and not real, in-the-flesh people, face-to-face.


Aside from that, chill.  Things will only bother you if you let them bother you.




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Re: Polite way to ask if someone's kid is "special"?

UBUP has far more patience than I do.  I'd go crazy if a kid stomped all day.  But I don't think asking if he has ADD or anything is going to stop him from doing it.

Will it make you feel a little more gracious if you knew he had some kind of problem?  Either way, stomping is stomping.  Good Luck!

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Re: Polite way to ask if someone's kid is "special"?




lol, i'm just kidding. I have no patience, I would end up locking the kid out or something.

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