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Profile tweaks

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Re: Profile tweaks


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Re: Profile tweaks

elim wrote:


ez siggy maker

thanks for this elim; but for some reason my scores at the bottom get cut off, any idea how i could fix this?

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Re: Profile tweaks

thanks for this.

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Re: Profile tweaks

Thank you p-. You made this so much easier.

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Re: Profile tweaks

Hello and excuse me. I am a long time lurker and recently signed up to start posting. I want to share my greatfulness and more importantly what i've found super helpful here on the forums. I have been trying for quite some time and still have not been able to decipher the obviously helpful link you posted regarding the siggy. I am using Imgur and i'm not clear on if i should tweak each line and then copy line by line or copy one big code once I tweak. I appreciate your help. :-)


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Re: Profile tweaks


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Re: Profile tweaks

Haven’t been on here since I purchased my home in August but if i can be of some help to anyone new here, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Re: Profile tweaks



I can't get the signature thing to work still.. Says INvalid HTML even after following instructions from thread

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Re: Profile tweaks

How many posts until I can get to "Member" rank?

Dec '16 - EX-623, EQ-630, TU-652

Jan '18 - EX08 651 EQ08 657 TU08 677 Total Credit Line: $3,300Utilization: 14%
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Re: Profile tweaks

JHCUTT - Your profile has a 6 post count - all from 2/4/18. You probably have too few log-ins or page views. You will likely show member status next time you log in. (note: rank will not show a change if you don't log off and log back in)


The below table shows the minimum # of posts needed for each rank. It may not be 100% but, it's PDC.


Note: there are more factors than just # of posts. Minutes on line is one of those other factors (tested this factor when my minutes were lost due to a computer glitch and rank dropped back to member from valued contributor). I monitored my minutes on-line as I marched back through the ranks by logging on/off repeatedly during the glitch in July 2016. Others have mentioned # of sign-ins come into play as well.  I also know you have to log off and back-in for an updated minutes on-line and rank to be displayed.


Fico ranks.jpg


You can experience a delayed change in rank associated with # posts if other factors have not reached the next threshold. Best I can tell, Kudos received is NOT a factor. P.S. Posts on SmorgasBoard don't count toward in the calculation.


RankingPostsMinutes on-lineSign-Ins 
New Member151 
Established Member1018020 
Valued Member2548050? 
New Contributor5060075? 
Regular contributor100840150? 
Frequent Contributor2502000250? 
Established Contributor5004000 500? 
Valued Contributor10008000 1000? 
Senior Contributor300030,000?2000? 
Super Contributor500075,000?3000? 
Mega Contributor10,000150,000?5000? 
Epic Contributor20,000250,000?7500? 
Legendary Contributor30,000350,000?10,000? 
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Fico 8 BC:. EQ 892 TU 900 EX 900
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