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Resisting the urge?

New Contributor

Resisting the urge?

With my newfound credit knowledge, I keep having to resist the urge to bore other people with the info I've learned.

Anyone else find themselves talking about, or having to actively hold your tongue about credit stuff?

On the flipside, have you used your new knowledge IRL to help friends with their own credit issues?

Starting my rebuild!

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Re: Resisting the urge?

I try to shush, only because I'm chatty to begin with and it's easy for me to get going and overwhelm people. But I think hanging out on these forums is fun, and interesting, so it's hard to rein it in sometimes.

I have tried to help, though. In small chunks. At the very least, I try combat the people who are like "Just go dispute everything with the CRA's! That's what you do!" Amazing how that has gained traction amongst my group of friends. There are ways to work on improving that are sensible, you know?

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Re: Resisting the urge?

Caught a gal in the office cutting up one of her credit cards into tiny little pieces the other day.  She said she closed her account.  I figured I should bite my tongue than to wade into her business.  It probably wasn't a good idea to close the account but it was already done and my commenting on it wouldn't have changed anything other than to worry her a bit.  She's young, she's got time to learn and better things to do than to listen to an old fogy like me!

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